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The Stockport DRCOG Package includes thirteen MCQ papers with answers. 

These are intended to cover all of the topics that are likely to feature in the examination.

I advise my MRCOG candidates to get through them as the starting point for their revision.

If you can think of any omissions, please let me know.

MCQ Paper 1 is on the website, to give you an idea of what the MCQs are like.


The topics covered are detailed in "Topics included in the MCQs of the Stockport DRCOG Package".


I have checked the MCQs and answers for accuracy and 'typos'. 

I have no doubt that errors remain. 

If you identify any, please let me know, as these questions will be recycled for future courses and I know how maddening such errors are. 

Some of the questions are a bit naughty, e.g. Mr. Sampson and the theory of retrograde menstruation (paper 1, question 9).

The idea of anyone with this name approaching a labouring woman, obstetric forceps in hand, simply appealed! 

Many of the issues are matters of debate.

One of the great pleasures of obstetrics and gynaecology is that there is still huge scope for argument about best management.

There is no negative marking in the examination, so answer every question

In the examination you will probably be confident answering about 60% of the questions. 

With intelligent guessing your score would rise to a comfortable pass. 

After doing a bit of reading, completing all of the MCQ papers and attending the course this will undoubtedly be the case!! 

In the examination, you will do best to do a first pass, answering all the questions you know.

Then do a more reflective sweep covering the ones you need to think about. 

Finally, you will simply guess the ones which mystify, as you can only do yourself good.

Tom McFarlane.

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