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MRCOG Parts 2 & 3: Membership of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists.     


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Courses & tutorials:


Part 2 Courses

Advice about Part 2 Courses

NW Part 2 courses.

   Mon 13th- Fri 17th  May 2019

   Mon 18th- Fri 22nd Nov 2019

Part 3 Courses

  Advice about Part 3 Courses

NW Part 3 courses

  Saturday 5th. October 2019

NW Part 1 course.

Pass list for Part 3 exam April 2019.

You will find this here.


 Advice on preparation from:

  Elaine Church, MRCOG Gold Medal Winner 2010.

   Lucy Higgins, MRCOG Gold Medal Winner, 2011.

   Gemma Cass. MRCOG Gold Medal Winner. 2013

   Anupama Singh, winner of the Vijaya Patil award 2013.

   Neha Gami, winner of the Vijaya Patil award 2015.  

   Asma Naqi, successful "overseas" candidate in 2010.

   Tom McFarlane 












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