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Sian has written about how she prepared for the November 2019 Part 3 exam.

Her pass mark was 95% and she won the Gold Medal.

I think her advice is as close to perfection as human endeavours ever get.


- I attended Tom McFarlane's evening sessions from about 2-3 months in advance.
- I used the format recommend by Tom for introducing myself and how to structure consultations.
- I then I did this with every patient I saw at work so by the time of the exam it was second nature. 
- I attended the NW Part 3 Revision Course.
- I started to 'properly revise' 6 weeks before. By this I mean committing my evenings and weekends to it.
- I watched the RCOG Strat OG videos for Part 3 to become familiar with what was wanted by the college.
- I picked 1 revision book and read through scenarios and then briefly read my Part 2 notes around that subject to refresh my knowledge.
- I arranged weekly / twice weekly group revision sessions with 4 friends also doing Part 3 to go through scenarios:
        one would be the candidate, one would be the actor and one would mark
- There are several consultants in the region who put on Part 3 revision sessions in the evenings, I went to about 5-6 of these.
- I did some flash cards for the important histories and the questions that needed to be covered:
        Fertility history / Pre-conception history / Urogynae history/ Antenatal history/ 'Proper' gynaecology history.
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