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Advice on how to prepare

Rakesh Modi won the DRCOG prize in April 2015.

He has been kind enough to describe how he prepared.



We have decided not to run any more DRCOG courses.

There used to be lots of them, but the numbers dwindled and in 2012 ours was the last.

The advice you need is on the RCOG website: click here.

 Most candidates had switched to using on-line courses, which are obviously more convenient and probably cheaper when you add the costs of accommodation, travel etc.

In addition to reducing numbers, we found that we had an increasing propotion of people applying in the month or two before the course.

They would have been challenged to get through all the pre-course materials we sent.

And it is no surprise that most of them failed.

We decided that we would close the course if the pass rate for those attending the September 2012 course fell below 80%

It did, so we have decided running another course is not worth the effort involved.

You will be able to find lots of on-line courses via Google.

Unfortunately, I don't know anything about their relative merits and cannot offer any advice.

Think about the DFSRH too.

Tom McFarlane.

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