The Stockport DRCOG Package.


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This course no longer exists!

See here for more information. DRCOG page.


The Package comprises:   

                                                (1) an information booklet:

                                                (2) 12 pre-course MCQ papers with comprehensive answers,

                                                            click here to see the topics covered,

                                                (3) a 3 day revision course shortly before the exam:


Click here to download an application form for the Stockport DRCOG Package.  


Details of the next courses:

  Autumn 2012 Spring 2013

Date of the Courses:

Friday 14th. - Sunday 16th. September to be arranged
Application form Click here  

Date of the examination:

Saturday 6th. October Saturday 13 April

Closing date for applying to sit the examination:

8th. August 2012 8 February 2013
Examination venues: Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Nottingham Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Nottingham



The programme for the courses will be similar to that of March 2012.

Most of the lectures are a mix of didactic and interactive teaching with MCQs, "best of 5" questions and EMQs.

There will be some sessions made up of EMQs, "best of five" and MCQs with no lecture.


The courses are held in Pinewood House, the Postgraduate Education Centre, Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport .

Click here to see the Stepping Hill site map


The courses are usually fully booked a month or so in advance.

Get your application in early if you want to come. 

Early booking also means that you have more time to get through the MCQ papers.

There are 12 papers comprising, at the last count, more than 600 questions.

It's an awful lot to get through and I like you to have completed them before the course.

If you get through all of them, you maximise your chances of passing the exam.

Click here to see the MCQ questions.


Click here to get in touch with us for further details or to book a place on the Package.


For further information:  

Valerie is the course organiser. She can be contacted by:



0161 434 2365




Mrs. Valerie M. McFarlane, 22 Lyndhurst Road , Didsbury, Manchester . M20 6AA. 


click here.

If you have any comments I should be delighted to hear them. Please write or E-mail.

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