Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts. CNST.

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Question 15 from Paper 12 of the MCQs. "CNST".
  3. Answer 15 from Paper 12 of the MCQs. "CNST".




CNST and NHSLA should no longer appear in the DRCOG, but wise candidates would still know the basics.

Questions are likely in the MRCOG and MRCOG candidates need to know more detail.

You could get questions in the written part of the MRCOG.

CNST is one of the things like audit, patient information leaflets, protocols etc. that you should include in most answers to get an extra mark or two.

Even just to say in an essay or viva on shoulder dystocia, for example, that this is one of the issues for which CNST has criteria.

Would you be competent to expatiate on CNST for 15 minutes in a MRCOG viva?

Remember that the examiner is instructed to give you no help.

They sit there expressionless with not a flicker of a smile to let you know you are doing well.

You might be lucky and have one ticking boxes on the score sheet, but most sit like the Sphinx.

This is a hostile and unnerving environment, so it is vital that you know your stuff!


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