Consent and the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

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This is a popular subject, not well covered in any one text that I have found.

The question and answer below come from paper 12 of the DRCOG course. 

Can you answer the following questions?


a. Bolam was the nemesis of Golam in “The Hobbit”.   True False
b. Bolitho is a district of Johannesburg and of no relevance to this subject.   True False
c. An intoxicated woman who gets into bed with a man is, de facto, giving consent to sex. True False
d. Capacity refers to a patient’s ability to consume alcoholic beverages. True False
e. Fraser competence has superseded Gillick competence. True False
f. Touching a patient without consent could constitute “battery”. True False
g. parents of  a mentally handicapped individual can consent to her sterilisation. True False
h. parental consent is required for a girl of 14 to have termination of pregnancy. True False
i. parental consent is not required for a girl of 14 to have emergency contraception. True False
j. Jehovah’s Witness parents can refuse blood transfusion for their children. True False
k. a mother-to-be can refuse consent to Caesarean section, even if it means the child will die or sustain serious damage. True False
l. The Paling Perspective Scale is a tool used in art to give depth of field to a painting. True False
m The Paling Perspective Scale is a is a tool to measure the gulf between the magnitude of a task  and the perception of it by the individual carrying it out as exemplified by Huckleberry Finn's fence painting endeavours and preparation for the MRCOG part 2 examination. True False
n. The Paling palette is a tool used in art for mixing oil paints to obtain unique hues. True False
o. The Paling palate is a a spectro-photometer used in vinology for detecting adulterated products True False


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