40.    Pearl Index.

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a. is a measure of contraceptive efficacy. True
b. is a measure of strength of dentine False
c. is the Hong Kong stock market gold standard False
d. was a Pop-star of the 1950s False
e. was the pseudonym of a fabled gynaecologist, renowned for his diagnostic prowess False

This is the measure of contraceptive efficacy per 100 women years of use.

It crops up time and time again, so you need to know it.

In addition, you ought to know the Pearl Index for the main methods of contraception as this could crop up in MCQs.

A common OSCE was a list of half a dozen methods of contraception and another list of Pearl Index scores.

You were asked to match them up.

Iím sure this will be re-worked for the MCQs.

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