41.    Obstetric Cholestasis. (OC)

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a. what variety of chicken is this?  
b. what colour are its eggs?  
c. what on earth has it to do with obstetric cholestasis?  
d. what has it to do with the word "poncho"?  
e. in Europe, OC is most common in Scandinavia.  
f. OC in the UK is most common in women of Indian and Pakistani extraction.  

OC usually presents with jaundice.

h. current management of OC entails delivery before 38 weeks.  
i. OC carries an increased risk of PPH.  
j. ursodeoxycholic acid is recommended to reduce fetal risk.  
k. dexamethasone is recommended to reduce fetal and maternal risk.  
l. the risk of recurrence in a subsequent pregnancy is ~ 90%  
m. the risk of OC for a woman with an affected sister is ~ 20%  
n. the symptoms of OC can recur if an affected woman takes the Pill  



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