Changing Childbirth.


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a.  the Cumbernauld report was of particular significance  
  The following were recommended:  
b. every woman should have an identified lead professional, either a Consultant Obstetrician or General Practitioner  
c. there should be increased scope for home delivery if the woman wished it and there were no contra-indications  
d. "flying squad" services should be available from all specialist maternity units to facilitate an increase in the provision of home delivery.       
e. midwives should be allowed access to hospital beds  
f. service consumers should be involved in planning services  
g. post natal stay in hospital should normally be 24 hours for multiparous patients and 48 hours for nulliparous  
h. rationalisation of antenatal care with reduction in planned visits for low risk women  
  In assessing implementation:  
i.  assessment should be made within three years  
j. at least 30% of women should be entitled to be responsible for their own antenatal notes  
k. all women should have a "named" midwife as lead professional  
l. at least 50% of women should be delivered by a midwife they know  
m. at least 30% of women delivered in a maternity unit should be under the management of their midwife  
n. all ambulances should have a paramedic trained to support a midwife in an emergency.  


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