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You have 15 minutes to prepare, then 15 minutes with the examiner.

There is an alternative version of this station.

In it you would be dealing with a roleplayer.

Write down the key points in your critique for discussion with the examiner.

Remember that it is likely that the examiner will give you no prompts or other help.

You need a list of key points.

And you need to keep an eye on the time to ensure that you get through all of them.

Send them to me by e-mail.

I'll then send you my version.


Candidate's Instructions.

At the next station you will meet an examiner.

You will be asked to give a detailed critique of this website.



Note the last time I tried, I could not access this website via Internet Explorer.

It has been "deactivated" for breach of its terms and conditions!

I was able to get through using Firefox and Google Chrome.

Click here to go to the Menozac website.


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