OSCE station. Using an instrument.

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You will not be given time to prepare this station.

It will be straight into action.

It will be just you and the examiner.

It is likely that you would be asked a number of questions.

    What is this instrument?

    What are its main uses?

    Show me how it is assembled.

    What safety precautions must be taken during its use?

    Demonstrate how it is inserted into the patient.

You must be expert in the use of the laparoscope and hysteroscope, both diagnostic and operating versions.

The one that might catch you out is the cystoscope.

You ought to be able to use one.

Ask the theatre sister to show you the different varieties and how they are assembled.

Better still, get the urology registrar to give you a tutorial.

And to teach you about how to interpret a urodynamics print-out while they are at it.

Make sure you can tell a cystoscope from a hysteroscope!

This station could be about anything.

    a Verres needle,

    an intrauterine balloon,

    an amniocentesis needle - the examiner would need to tell you what it was to be used for!

    a probe for trans-vaginal scanning,

        do you know why TVS is more accurate than trans-abdominal scanning?

        if you are not sure, send me what you think and I'll tell you the answer.

    a device for rupturing membranes, e.g. Amnihook:

        you would need to remember:


            contraindications like cord presentation

            and complications like infection and bleeding from vasa previa,

    a Mirena IUS and a copper IUD.

            you might be asked about:

                Pearl index,

                risks related to insertion,

                later risks,

                infection & ectopic pregnancy

                and don't forget emergency contraception.


Candidate's Instructions.

The examiner will ask you a series of questions about a surgical instrument and its use.


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