17.     Syntocinon used in labour may be associated with:

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a. postpartum haemorrhage True
b. fetal distress True
c. uterine rupture True
d. fluid overload True
e. haemolytic anaemia False
f. neonatal jaundice True

If the uterus has had to be driven by Syntocinon through the first and second stages, it is prudent to continue with it for some hours afterwards.

Otherwise the uterus may relax and post-partum haemorrhage occur.

Excessive use will result in hypertonic contractions see MCQ paper 2, question 42

Placental blood flow is cut off at the peak of normal contractions.

Making the contractions too strong or prolonged will result in fetal distress and could rupture the uterus, particularly if labour is obstructed.

Oxytocin is derived from the posterior pituitary and is related to anti-diuretic hormone which is also produced there. 

It has a weak anti-diuretic effect, but may cause fluid overload as it is usually administered over hours in IV fluids.

Why Syntocinon increases the tendency of the neonate to jaundice is unknown.

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