Saving Mothers' Lives.


This is the title of the 7th. Report of the Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths in the UK.

Published in December 2007.

Covering the years 2003 - 2005.

It was produced by "CEMACH".

CEMACH no longer exists, having been subsumed into CMACE.

You can download the full report or the Executive Summary from the CMACE website.  

The super-observant among you might wonder that it is only the 7th. Report.

Surely these Confidential Enquiries started in the 50s?

The answer is that they have only covered the whole of the UK in the last seven.

The Report included "Ten Top Recommendations".

MRCOG candidates should know them - make out a card.

This would make a perfect essay question!


Maternal mortality is in the MCQs.

Question 13 in the information booklet.

MCQ paper 5, question 18.

MCQ paper 9, question 1.

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I plan to update these questions and answers over the next weeks.

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