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MRCOG: how to pass first time

high-risk deliveries, ST analysis of the fetal ECG and delivery outcomes

25%risk of recurrence of retained placenta from observational study

uterine inversion 1 in 20,000 in Netherlands national cohort study

MRI in the diagnosis and management of abnormal placentation

8.5 year follow-up of children with signifcant in-utero alcohol exposure

i.v. sulprostone for retained placenta

trends in incidence and recurrence of placenta praeviavte risk with progestin-only contraceptionreterm delivery

pre-op antibiotics reduce infection rate at Cs

efficacy of LLETZ under GA & LA

APH & risk of preterm delivery prior after APH of unknown origin

placental pathology & growth restriction in twins: ESPRiT study

gestational hypertension & optimum time for delivery

2nd. trimester AFP, hCG and inhibin & early onset PET

lupus anticoagulant the main factor in recurrent miscarriage in APS: the PROMISSE study

morbidity in 2nd. pregnancy after CS for the 1st. Danish National Birth Cohort.

antibiotic prophylaxis in O&G

screening for ovarian ca does more harm than good

vaginal hysterectomyas an outpatient procedure

pregnancy outcomes in women with cystic fibrosis

mineral & vitamin supplementation & pregnancy outcome

methotrexate and mifepristone for cervical or interstitial ectopic pregnancy

hCG on day 16 from ovulaton correlates negatively with BMI in women having ART

routine non-invasive single-exon fetal RhD assay in early pregnancy

NSAIDs and miscarriage risk

does having a dog in the home reduce neonatal infections?

pattern of labour before uterine rupture in attempted VBAC

incidence and predisposing factors associated with uterine perforation by IUCDs

prolonged or repeated APH < 20 wks. linked to increased PET risk: SCOPE study

low-moderate maternal alcohol & the child's intelligence at 5 years

 low-moderate alcohol consumtpion and the child's executive function at 5 years

ovarian suppression with contraceptive ring in normal-weight and obese

early age at menarche & risk of endometriosis

self-administered isosorbide mononitrate for cervical ripening

maternal antidepressants and adverse outcomes

severe FGR and cognitive development: normality is possible

monitoring of women with retained placenta accreta

analgesics, pregnancy, cryptorchidism and hypospadias

vitamin D deficiency & GDM

neuro-development at 12 months of babies fed breast, cow and soya milk

complicated hysterectomy after UAE for large fibroids

PIGS & recurrent miscarriage

appendicectomy & subsequent pregnancy rate

thyroid disorders & pregnancy

current management of endometriomas before ART

intraoperative bupivacaine-adrenaline the fascia reduces morphine requirements after Cs

spina bifida screening in the 1st. trimester using BPD

number of intrapartum VEs and risk of pyrexia

parameters of induced labour

outcomes of elective induction

continuous v. cvclical COC for dysmenorrhoea

COC and arterial thromosis

risk factors for cerebral palsy

maternal fever & autism risk

feasibility of LLETZ in pregnancy

prevalence of malaria, STIs & reproductive tract infections in pregnancy in sub-Saharan Africa

abnormal embryonic karyotype recurrent miscarriage

LMWH safety in pregnancy

Perigee system for cystocele

failure rates of LARC much lower than other methods

IUCD for emergency contraception - efficacy

HRT for chronic conditions: review 2012 for US Preventive Services Task Force

physical therapy for  low back pain & pelvic pain in pregnancy

are endometrial hyperplasia and cancer more commen in PCO and hyperandrogenism?

decliningreasing incidence of placental abruption

fertility after transvaginal , ultrasound-guided drainage of tubo-ovarian abscess

weight control and pregnancy outcomes

hormonal contraception and VTE

hypertensive disease in pregnancy and risk of breast ca

BV prevalence in the 1st. trimester

normal delivery at T after radio-frequency ablation of large intramural fibroid

management of vulval pain

VTE & non-oral hormonal contraception

IUCD recommended for EC

screening for intimate partner violence beneficial?

induction at T reduces perinatal mortality?

survival after stage IA endometrial cancer & best follow-up

pregnancy outcomes for older nulliparous women in S Australia

AMH related to ovarian hyperandrogenism and PCO

AMH, inhibin B & and total inhibin levels in women with hypothalamic amenorrhea and anorexia nervosa

endometriosis prevalence in a rural remote setting

minimally-invasive surgery v laparotomy in high grade endometrial ca

cash transfer programme for schooling & prevalence of HIV and herpes simplex type 2 in Malawi

feasibility of using MgSO4 for neuroprotection

Cx cancer incidence in young women

steroids, fetal growth and gestational age at birth

endometrial shedding, conception and live birth rates

comparison of 2nd. generation endometrial ablation tecchniques

single compression ultrasound and DVT diagnosis in pregnancy 

management of FNAIT in an Australian tertiary hospital

antibiotic prophylaxis in diagnostic hysteroscopy

PET & PIH and congenital anomaly risk

IV paracetamol v iv pethidine in the first stage of labor

Streptococcus B in pregnancy

obesity the main predictor of impaired GT and metabolic disturbance in PCOS

Mycoplasma genitalium in cervicitis and PID

older mothers have increased risk of GDM, twins, Cs and placental previa

outcomes of large for gestational age pregnancies

health after cholestasis of pregnancy

autism & small- and large-for-gestational-age babes

SB and infant death by gestational age in GDM

Doppler assessment & IUGR

pregnancy after HIFU for fibroids

cervical pessary & short cervix (PECEP trial)

uterine rupture: neonatal outcome by decision- delivery interval

development at 2 yrs after induction or expectant mgt of IUGR: DIGITAT trial

uptake of BSO in BRCA1 or 2

cost-effectiveness of Cx ca screening with HPV in Norway

pregnancy outcomes in women with severe needle phobia

thrombophilia, PCOS and RM

alcohol and ovarian cancer risk

HIV, SGA and preterm birth in rural South Africa

management of endometrial cancer

mgt. of asthma in pregnancy

leiomyomas in Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome.

investigation of exposure to child with rash in pregnancy

risk of endometrial cancer with PMB & ET that cannot be assessed

pessary to reduce pre-term birth

oral rivaroxaban for PE

intracervical procedures & risk of very preterm birth

twins: safest mode of delivery?

risk factors for sphincter injury in ventouse delivery

long-term outcome after obstetric injury

risk of sphincter injury with instrumental delivery with and without episiotomy

induction of labour at term on basis of older age: views of women and obstetricians

physical activity and time to pregnancy

cost and effectiveness of intrapartum PCR Gp B strep screening for term deliveries

synechiae and pregnancy complications

risk factors for retained placenta

decision-to-delivery time & neonatal outcome after uterine rupture

socioeconomic inequality & SIDS in Scotland

eSET perinatal outcomes

SOGC clinical guideline: OHSS

misoprostol for all women seeking abortion?

dietary fat linked to reduced sperm quality

term stillbirth in older women

neurodevelopmental delay after IU transfusion for parvovirus B19 infection

acute antepartum pyelonephritis: risk factors and outcomes

gestational age at birth & health outcomes at 3 and 5 years

features of episiotomy and risk of anl sphincter injury

WHI trial reports reduced breast ca risk with oestrogen-only HRT

obstetric and neonatal outcomes after cone biopsy

evaluating the association between endometrial cancer and polycystic ovary syndrome.

ectopic pregnancy 11 years after sub-total hysterectomy

prophylactic surgery uptake & BRCA1/BRCA2

mid-trimester placental localisation & adverse outcomes

complications of fetal blood sampling and iu transfusion

pharmacokinetics of anti-D in the third trimester

factors associated with conversion to laparotomy in planned LAVH

mesh or no mesh for prolapse repair?

near-infrared fluorescent sentinel lymph node mapping for vulval ca

microinvasive adenocarcinoma of the cervix.

induction vs expectant mgt for IUGR: DIGITAT RCT.

accuracy of spot urinary protein-to-creatinine ratio for proteinuria in PET

management of severe Asherman syndrome

iron stores & birthweight

cat-scratch disease & pregnancy

hypothermia during cytoreductive surgery for ovarian ca and morbidity

risk of stillbirth recurrence

unverifiable facts on applications for gynae oncology fellowships

oxytocin dose after delivery of placenta and PPH

pregnancy outcomes after ART & natural conception

Triple-P for placenta percreta

breast cancer in pregnancy.

gynaecological cancers in pregnancy.

hepatitis C now kills more that HIV/AIDS in USA

ulipristal versus leuprolide acetate for fibroids

chemothrapy in pregnancy and childhood development

antenatal screening for hypothroidism is asymptomatic women ineffective in relation to babies' IQs at age 3

possible link between asthma treatments and birth defects

has the discriminatory zone had its day?

long-term maternal morbidity associated with repeat Caesarean delivery.

2ry amenorrhoea due to inhibin-B-secreting ovarian tumour

oocyte donation and outcomes in women ≥ 43 years

efficacy of tranexamic acid in menorrhagia

safest mode of delivery for twins

early procedure-related complications of FBS and IU transfusion for fetal anemia.

outcome of PMB in women < 50 years

power colour Doppler to predict successful expectant management in incomplete miscarriage

fibroids & infertility--consensus statement from ACCEPT

aromatase inhibitor v GnRH agonist for adenomyosis

methods of thrombophylaxis and bleeding complications after Cs

obstetric near-miss cases in Italy

dedicated night staff and changes to obstetric practice and outcomes

oral misoprostol v. i.v. syntocinon for labour augmentation

incidence of co-existent ovarian ca in women with edometrial cancer

herpes vaccine disappoints

are there colposcopic criteria for stage IA1 ca cervix?

CA-125 velocity and prediction of ovarian cancer

systematic review of efficacy of progestogens for endometrial hyperplasia / early endometrial ca

history or ultrasound-based cerclage and perinatal outcomes.

residual AIS or ca after LEEP / cone for AIS

efficacy of the LngIUS for recurrent pelvic pain in multitreated endometriosis.

reliability of MRI for bladder or rectal invasion in cervical ca

study shows 100% efficacy of bivalent HPV vaccine agianst CIN3 and AIS in HPV naive women: a landmark paper, I think

uterine artery and aortic isthmus Doppler recordings and necrotizing enterocolitis.

cessation of smoking timing and pregnancy outcomes

1st. trimester ultrasound estimation of gestational age in IVF pregnancies

cost-effectiveness of surgical v medical management of miscarriage

maternal cardiovascular mortality and Turner syndrome.

hCG curves in ? ectopic pregnancy: exceptions to the rules.

infiltrating endometriosis and pregnancy rate after ICSI/IVF

live birth after ovarian tissue autotransplantation following overnight transportation before cryopreservation.

conservative treatment of adenocarcinoma in situ of the cervix

maternal and paternal factors and time to pregnancy- the GECKO Drenthe study

are most maternal deaths from pre-eclampsia avoidable?

STAN: A meta-analysis

optimum Timing for delivery of monochorionic and dichorionic twins

exercise to prevent GDM

perinatal outcomes in SGA pregnancies: customized v conventional fetal growth charts

huge reduction in genital warts after HPV vaccination programme introduced

SPRMs in reproductive medicine

Amsterdam ESHRE/ASRM 3rd PCOS Consensus Workshop Group.

lichen sclerosus after cancer surgery & risk for cancer recurrence

+v nodes and cervical stroma invasion & outcome of d endometrial cancer

causes of stillbirths

ACOG committee opinion no. 509: mgt. of VIN

hormonal contraception and HIV transmission risk

endometriosis linke to IBD

laparoscopy for removal of IUD after uterine perforation

UK HPV immunisation programme to use quadrivalent vaccine from September 2012

failure of etonogestrel implant with antiretrovirals including

University of Kentucky Ovarian Cancer Screening

editorial on the above trial

does BRCA2 improve survival with serous ovarian cancer

metformin for GDM

cancer therapy & ovarian reserve.

sentinel node biopsy + pelvic and para-aortic lymphadenectomy in early cervical cancer

800 v. 600 μg misoprostol for missed miscarriage

postpartum PET and eclampsia

robotic v. laparoscopic surgery for sacrocolpoplexy

single dose of H1N1 vaccine protects mothers and babies

risk factors for suicide

mode of delivery not linked to emotional distress at 6 months postpartum

intimate partner violence and postpartum depressive symptoms

steroids for babies born at 23-25 weeks

complete uterine inversion in a nulliparous woman

cervical traction as predictor of value of hysterectomy

changes in markers of ovarian reserve with age

PCOS and symptoms of anxiety

can myo-inositol prevent gestational diabetes in PCOS?

comparison of RMI, Ca125, Ca 19-9, ultrasound score in borderline ovarian tumors

EST, twin pregnancy and cumulative pregnancy rates

sentinel lymph node disease and prognosi in early-stage cervical cancer

hCG levels 6/12 after molar evacuation and chemotherapy

perinatal and maternal outcomes by planned place of birth: the Birthplace in England study

coffee and endometrial cancer risk

PCOS and adverse pregnancy outcomes

 more on PCO and adverse pregnancy outcomes

should mal-positioned IUCs be removed?

VTE risk and oral contraception

risk of ovarian tumours after ovarian stimulation for IVF

increased risk of PE in year after hospitalisation for auto-immune disorders

5-year follow-up comparing bipolar endometrial ablation with hydrothermablation for menorrhagia

threatened preterm labour: outcomes 

hCG levels and effectiveness of methotrexate in ectopic pregnancy.

clinical and US predicters of haematoperitoneum in ectopic pregnancy.

laparotomy v laparoscopy for adnexal masses in pregnancy

large fibroids and obstetric outcomes

recurrence patterns in stage IC endometrioid endometrial cancer.

hCG at 2 weeks and prediction of persistent GTN after complete mole

possible safe natural conception for sero-discordant HIV +ve couples

prediction of vaginal birth in twins

intrapartum sentinel events, morbidity and risk of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy

recent pregnancy and survival in early breast cancer.

delayed cord clamping

post-hysterectomy ovarian function

clindamycin and abnormal vaginal flora in early pregnancy

PET < 34 weeks

isolated oligohydramnios and perinatal outcomes

miscarriage in the first pregnancy associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes in the second

sleep disorders & PCOS in adolescents

persitence of HPV and risk of Ca Cx

nifedipine v. labetalon for severe hypertension in pregnancy

ACE inhibitors and teratogenesis

BRCA2 mutations linked to better outcome in ovarian cancer

promising new treatment for some patients with cystic fibrosis

1st. trimester bleeding and risk of preterm birth

validity of asphyxial causes of cerebral palsy

cord insertion & birthweight difference in twins

alcohol and breast cancer

malpositioned IUCDs: risk factors, outcomes, and future pregnancies.

planned home v hospital birth in the Netherlands

domestic violence and postnatal depression 

fertility-sparing surgery in ovarian clear-cell carcinoma

risk of ovarian tumours after ovarian stimulation for IVF

radiation for medically inoperable stage I and II endometrial carcinoma

long-term follow-up of granulosa cell tumors

lymphovascular space invasion: a risk factor in endometrial cancer

chronic endometritis & potential fertility 

effect of the LNGIUS on mast cell numbers in endometriosis

LOTUS study: neurodevelopmental after iu transfusion for HDFN

PROBAAT trial: foley catheter v. prostaglandin gel for IOL

IOL and risk of uterine rupture in attempted VBAC

bisphenol A exposure in pregnancy and behaviour in childhood

progestagens in OC and thrombosis risk

ACIP advises diptheria / pertussis / tetanus immunisation in pregnancy

FDA update on drospirenone and clots

HPV and cardiovascular risk

fetal echo of little value after normal ultrasound scan

folic acid in early pregnancy linked to reduced risk of severe language delay in children

increased risk of HIV transmission in pregnancy in African women

persistence of high-risk HPV types and risk of cancer of the cervix

hormonal contraception and HIV

PTSD and adverse pregnany outomes

pelvic floor aftermath of vaginal delivery and Cs

Danish study confirms raised VTE risk with newer progestogens in COCs

low / moderate alcohol consumption and effect on children at 5

uterine rupture, IOL and attempted VBAC

Bakri balloon & uterine brace suture for severe PPH

obstructive sleep apnea and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

prognostic value of sFlt-1:PlGF ratio in hypertensive pregnancy & PET

gossypiboma after Cs

pcos & adverse pregnancy outcomes 

emerging indications for the LNGIUS

overview of sentinel nodes and gynecologic cancers

coagulopathy associated with D&E for 2nd. trimester TOP

commercial cffDNA screen for DS launched in USA

BRCA1 and BRCA2 & survival after ovarian cancer

folic acid in early pregnancy & asthma at years.

value of MRI in women having surgery for fibroids utility of MRI for the surgical treatment of women with uterine fibroid tumors

inherited thrombophilias and adverse pregnancy outcomes

peripartum hysterectomy in the USA

malaria vaccine: phase 3 trial results

anti-retroviral drugs and congenital malformation

pharmokinetics of anti-malarial drugs in pregnancy

venlafaxine v clonidine for hot flushes in women with breast cancer

Cochrane Review: direct v. transplacental steroids for fetal lung maturation

Cochrane Review: ureaplasma, antibiotics and premature labour

Cochrane Review: special clinics for those at risk of premature labour

PCOS & adverse pregnancy outcomes

IUCDs, HPV and risk of cervical cancer

parental smoking in pregnancy and childhood wheezing

adolescents and emergency contraception

pelvic floor disorders 5- 10 years after C section or vaginal birth

antenatal care for twin & triplet pregnancies: summary of NICE guidance

opportunistic chlamydia screening

delayed postpartum PET and eclampsia

argument for male circumcision

mandatory SET policy reduces twinning but not success rate

fertility-sparing surgerysatisfactory for stage 1 epithelial ovarian cancer

STAN(®) 21 system betters pulse oximetry for non-reassuring fetal heart rate

timing of HRT use and coronary artery disease risk

peripartum cardiomyopathy: risk factors

pre-op anaemia linked to increaed post-op morbidity at 30 days

DES exposure in utero continues to cause health problems

reduced NTD & oral cleft risk with better maternal nutrition

hormonal contraception and risk of HIV

preterm birth increases epilepsy risk

LARC reduces repeat TOP

should treatment for possible b.v. be given pre-hysterectomy?

adenomyosis may be a treatable cause of recurrent implantation failure during IVF

tinzaparin &pregnancy: safety and efficacy

efficacy of auto-crosslinked hyaluronan gel for adhesion prevention

number of CGG repeats in the FMR1 gene & primary ovarian insufficiency

changing trends in diagnostic assessment for cervical cancer in Japan

sentinel lymph node biopsy in endometrial cancer

treatment of fibroids and pregnancy outcomes in recurrent miscarriage

bone structure in amenorrhoeic athletes

risk factors for cerebral palsy

obesity and PPH

increase in pregnancy-related admission with stroke in the USA

pre-term delivery more likely with protease inhibitor based HAART

exercise & pregnancy

misoprostol & hysteroscopy

pruritus in pregnancy

low BRCA1 protein expression & prognosis & response to chemotherapy in ovarian cancer

differing clinical and biochemical aspects of PCOS with age

gestation at birth and mortality in childhood & young adulthood.

fibroids and risk of endometrial cancer

sentinel node mapping & ca cervix.

closure of peritoneum at Cs and risk of adhesions

endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia and outcomes

blood group and ovarian reserve

measurement of fraction of exhaled nitric oxide reduces exacerbations of asthma in pregnancy

history of Cs does not reduce efficacy of endometrial ablation

pregnancy outcome after methotrexate in misdiagnosed ectopics

neonatal complications of pregnancies with ­ BP between 34 and 37 weeks

maternal and fetal placental disease & outcomes 

bicornuate and unicornuate uteri & postural deformities

congenital uterine anomaly and risk of preterm birth

IUCD and cervical cancer risk

FDA issues safety warning re ondansetron and arrhythmia

2 doses of HPV vaccine may be as effective as 3

FDA warns of risks of mesh prolapse repair 

cranberrries compared to trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole for prevention of UTI recurrence

soya ineffective for menopausal symptoms and bone loss

oral anticoagulation and menstrual problems

menopause and risk of CHD

NSAIDs linked to miscarriage risk

mutations in RAD51D with BRCA-like effects

periconceptual multivitamins and risk of OUGR and premature delivery

FIGO: mifepristone + misoprostol for TOP

red clover isoflavone effective for menopausal vasomotor symptoms

is iodine deficiency a problem in pregnancy?

prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in women with PCOS: long-term follow-up

does pathological examination of the fetus modify genetic counselling in TOP for non-chrnomosmal fetal abnormality

hot flushes and gynae pathology in womn in the STAR trial: raloxifene v. tamoxifen

intimate partner violence, unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy loss

risk factors for uterine rupture in attempted VBAC

cffDNA and fetal sex determination

raloxifene as effective as clopmphere for ovulation induction in PCOS

Gp B streptococcal colonisation increases with ambient temperature and humidity

enlarged amygdala at 10 years in children exposed to maternal depression from birth

MRI useful for predicting outcome for neonates with hypoxaemic-ischaemic encephalopathy 

accuracy of cffDNA in fetal sex determination

soya no benefit for bone protection or hot flushes: SPARE trial

RAD51D gene and ovarian cancer risk

early breast feeding problems linked to increased postnatal depression risk

early labour after ECV increases Cs risk

pulse oximetry monitoring for congenital heart defects

FDA warns of congenital anomaly risk from high-dose fluconazole

coeliac disease and unexplained infertility

2nd. trimester microalbuminuria and pregnancy outcome

single v double-layer closure at Cs 

low dose bupivacaine for spinal anaesthesis at Cs

effect of mammography on breast cancer mortality

reasons for the ­ Caesarean section rate in the USA

LNGIUS for complex hyperplasia

review of cell salvage in obstetrics

first trimester prediction of risk of fetal death in DC twins

timing of maternal cytomegalovirus infection and risk to fetus

oxytocin for slow first stage: Cochrane Review

newer AEDs & pregnancy, Danish data: JAMA May 2011

 EURAP epilepsy & pregnancy data May 2011

Latrogine Pregnancy Register results May 2011

cigarlette smoking and congenital malformaiton

endometrial cancer: BMJ review article

SB and NND rates in MC and DC twins

intrapartum Cs rates and ethnicity

placental infarction and risk of cerebral palsy

is routine hysteroscopy worthwhile during LLETZ?

high antibody titres linked to bad outcomes in women with APS

morbidity after multiple C. sections

postpartum titanium clip sterilisation less effective

maternal folic acid and semen quality in offspring

folic acid does not increase risk of childhood asthma

FDA issues warning about valporate and impairment of cognitive development in the offspring

should delivery of the posterior shoulder be the second manoeuvre after McRoberts in shoulder dystocia?

risk factors for DM after GDM

what becomes of glucose tolerance after gestional DM?

catamenial pneumothorax and endometriosis

can hCG levels predict prognosis in GTD?

lower antral follicle count and fertility

prognostic significance of human epididymis protein 4 in epithelial ovarian cancer

dietary cadmium and ovarian ca risk

induction of labour for postmaturity increases Cs rates

risk factors for delayed postpartum eclampsia

risk factors for emergency postpartum hysterectomy

PPROM and abruption risk

CDC advisory committee on vaccination recommeds giving pertussis vaccine to pregnant women to protect the neonate

pre-operative assessment of ovarian tumours using multivariate (CA 125, transferrin, transthyretin [prealbumin], apolipoprotein A-I, and β2 microglobulin) analysis

VX-770 shows promise in cystic fibrosis

does waterbirth increase the risk of third degree tear?

chorioamnionitis, mycoplasmas and PPROM

timing of primary maternal CMV infection and risk to fetus and neonate

prenatal exposure to organochlorine pesticides and birth weight

placenta accreta linked to IVF

remission of maternal depression has beneficial effect on children

Cochrane Review: non-clinical intervemtions for reducing unnecessary C sections

is antenatal screening for syphilis still worthwhile?

first report of reduced high-grade cervical abnormalities after introduction of HPV vaccination

is same-day discharge safe after laparoscopic hysterectomy?

mimally invasive hysterectomy reduces complications without increasing cost

ovarian cancer screening does not work: PLCO

should pregnant women sleep on their left?

maternal sleeping position and stillbirth

incontinence in women having only C. section births

risks & benefits of oophorectomy at the time of hysterectomy from the WHI study

how long do hot flushes persist?

early use of the etonorgestrel implant does not impair lactation

more minimally invasive hysterectomy does not mean more complications or higher costs

same day discharge after lap hysterectomy

hysterectomy no panacea in chronic pelvic pain

stillbirth: the future

risk factors for stillbirth in high income countries

stillbirth rates and trends

morbidity and mortality of surgery for endometrial cancer in the aged

uterine sandwich for PPH

assisted conception and early-onset PT

is SLE linked to a reduced risk of breast, endometrial and ovarian cancer?

cervical cancer: why does screening fail?

LNG IUS v. COC for menorrhagia

are D&E safer than labour induction for second trimester TOP for fetal abnormality / death?

valsalva v. spontaneous pushing in the second stage

does prenatal infection increase the risk of schizophrenia?

could hCG have a role in chronic pain management?

is the menopause a risk factor for depression?

emotional distress does not affect success rates of ART

misoprostol vaginal insert for induction of labour

LNG IUS in women with inherited bleeding disorders

is oral dryness a marker for osteoporosis in postmenopausal women?

IUCD location in early pregnancy

HRT v. soya and placebo for hot flushes

patient safety initiative reduced adverse obstetric outcomes

active and passive smoking and breast cancer

prenatal v. postnatal surgery for myelomeningocoele

levonorgestrel IUS and breast cancer risk

anti-TNF use in pregnancy

eclampsia < 34/52 - ? delay delivery for steroid administration

laparoscopic versus vaginal hysterectomy: meta-analysis

transfusion rate and prevalence of significant antibodies in hysterectomy for benign disease

ALSO training effective in preventing and managing PPH in developing country setting

Cs scar defects on USS and risk of dehiscence / rupture in future pregnancy

women with puerperal psychosis commonly have auto-immune thyroid dysfunction

gabapentin effective for menopausal hot flushes

research fraud hits colloid versus crystalloid debate 

subcuticular suture better than staples for skin closure at Cs

foley catheter as effective as prostaglandin in cervical ripening

topiramate and oral clefts

breast cancer risk and time of starting HRT

1st. trimester opiod analgesics and possible teratogenic effects

vaginal danazol for rectovaginal endometriosis

sodium valproate exposure in-utero increases risk of impaired language skills

conservative management of early cervical cancer

obesity and endometrial cancer

treatment of vaginal infection and premature delivery rate

infra-red spectroscopy and endometrial cancer diagnosis

efficacy of thromboprophylaxis in pregnancy

transabdominal cervical cerclage

24 v 21 day COCs and drosperinone- containing COCs v others

immediate v. later IUCD insertion after TOP

2nd. trimester uterine evauation and maternal morbidity

clinical factors affecting TVS accuracy in 1st. trimester pregnancy with pain or bleeding

stress does not reduce efficacy of fertility treatment

is placenta accreta best managed in a tertiary centre?

interpregnancy interval after miscarriage and pregnancy outcomes

early-onset IUGR and abruption linked to Breus' mole

what women with recurrent miscarriage want as support in the next pregnancy

small fibroids that do not encroach on the cavity do not have adverse effect on IVF success rates

prematurity rates reduced by infection screen in early pregnancy

thrombo-prophylaxis and risk of recurrence

FDA warns terbatuline should not be used for preature labour for > 48 - 72 hours for fear of adverse cardiac events

24 day and 21 day COCs with drosperinone or norethiseterone: efficacy compared

NIH v Rotterdam criteria for predicting early pregnancy abnormalities

incontinence after obstetric anal sphincter damage

spinal anaesthesia better than GA in recovery after abdominal hysterectomy

insulin resistance has negative impact on outcomes after ovarian diathermy in PCOS

adnexal mass size and risks of malignancy and torsion in pregnancy

race, inter-pregnancy interval and pre-term birth

diabetes, obesity and infection after C. section

cancer screening for women from HNPCC families

interleukin-6 and gestational diabetes

PCOS and depression

PCOS and long-term health

probable transmission of yellow fever in breast milk after maternal vaccination

non-invasive testing for trisomy 21

nifedipine v. mag. sulphate and beta-sympathomimetics in premature labour

LNGIUS v COC for menorrhagia

prenatal x-rays and fetal risk

prenatal v. postnatal repair of myelomeningocoele

screening tool for bleeding disorders in women with menorrhagia

IVF-related mortality

simple IOTA-based ultrasound rules to predict malignant potential of adnexal masses 

cord milking v. delayed cord clamping

radical trachelectomy and fertility

falloscopic tuboplasty for tubalinfertility

smear history in women who develop cx cancer  

cocaine use and pregnancy outcomes

breast cancer risk and interval from menopause to starting HRT

editorial on breast cancer risk and interval from menopause to starting HRT

TOP in 1st. trimester and risk of mental disorder

cigarettes and breast cancer risk

breast cancer patients on anti-oestrogens have lower incidence of lung cancer

black cohosh for menopausal symptoms in women on tamoxifen after breast cancer

does LMWH for prevention of VTE in pregnancy / puerperium work?

can metformin reduce GDM andPET rates in women with PCOS

i.v. Ig and recurrent miscarriage

sexuality and PCOS

dyslipidaemia and PCOS

chronic endometritis and recurrent miscarriage

abruption: epidemiology, risk factors and outcomes 

is this labour or not? - value of electromyography

breast cancer in pregnancy

oxytocin of no value in 1st. trimester surgical TOP

genetic contribution to functional amenorrhoea

cranberry juice disappoints in UTI recurrence trial

maternal age, gestation and risk of fetal death

escitalopram for hot flushes

in-utero AED exposure and verbal & non-verbal skills at 3 years

abandon indwelling catheters for Cs?

nifedipine less effective that terbatuline for ECV, in fact, not much good at all

short interpregnancy interval linked to increased autism risk

hysterectomy as risk factor for cardiovascular disease

LNG-IUS, cervical mucus and sperm penetration

management of menopausal symptoms in breast cancer patients

pregnancy outcomes in IBS treated with antiTNF

non-invasive testing for DS

HRt and dementia risk - is timing all important?

para-aortic lymphadenectomy of little or no benefit in endometrial cancer if pelvic nodes are tumour-free

should all women with stage IIIc endometrial cancer have para-aortic lymphadenectomy?

hysteroscopic resection best for isthmocele?

Activin A levels reduced in tubal pregnancy

ovarian tumours in pregnancy

duration of antibiotic therapy after septic miscarriage

synechiae common after uterine compression sutures for PPH

Interferon-B and pregnancy

Dicletin  (Debendox) returns from the dead

LNG-IUS, cervical mucus and sperm penetration

SSRIs and risk of bleeding

MHRA issues warning re Implanon and introduces nexplanon

2 doses of varicella vaccine much better than 1

MRSA: IDAS guidelines

thyroid function in pregnancy

pregnancy after abruption in previous pregnancy

new uterine compression suture for PPH

dynamic spectral imaging colposcopy

PCOS and ovulation induction: SOGC

CMV and pregnancy

should hycosy be a first-line investigation?

chewing gum contraception - what next?


PPIs and risk of congenital abnormality

incidence of maternal and paternal postnatal depression

is it time to redfine normal progress in the first stage?

gestation important to neonatal outcome, not juust lung maturity

donor eggs increase the risk of PET

PCOS and long-term risk of diabetes and dyslipidaemia

factors linked to severity in atonic PPH

outpatient bi-polar radio-frequency ablation v. thermal balloon

expectant management OK for unexplained infertility

temporary uterine artery occlusion may be useful adjunct to laparoscopic myomectomy

huge differences in obstetric anal sphincter damage rates in Finland

is the increasing incidence of impaired glucose intolerance all down to increasing obesity rates?

oxytocin effective for active management of the 3rd. stage even if used for augmentation of labour

wound complications postCS and exoxaparin

Rx for PID

single embryo transfer best

denufosol, a new ion-channel regulator shows promise in children with CF

FDA approves use of Safyral, a COC with folate

should D-dimer assay help with the management of PID?

Belgian audit showing sub-optimal care for rape complainants. Do we do better?

pre-operative scintillography and blue dye for sentinel node identification in vulval cancer

analgesics in pregnancy and childhood leukaemia

outcomes for women in an observational study of CIN3

eight-year follow-up after hydrothermal ablation for menorrhagia

miscarriage and stillbirth and risk of myocardial infarction

CDC guidelines on STDs

enoxaparin and recurrent miscarriage

fertility and pregnancy outcomes after conservative management of placenta accreta

reassuring news about chemotherapy for breast cancer in pregnancy from the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2010

endometrial cancer risk in users of HRT

TVS screening for endometrial cancer from UKCTOCS

serum AMH levels and live birth rates

cancer risk after IVF

metfromin & pregnancy

carbamazepine and congenital malformation

neonatal abstinence syndrome after maternal methadone or buprenorphine

SSRIs & pregnancy

Mullerian duct anomalies

fertility preservation and breast cancer

different doses of enoxaparin in management of recurrent miscarriage in women with APS

oral rivaroxaban looking good for DVT and PE, but not yet in pregnancy

cone excision + laparoscopic lymphadenectomy to preserve fertility in early cervical cancer

jaundice and the breastfeeding infant

breastfeeding guideline from Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

repeated miscarriage an indicator of increased MI risk

psychiatroc drugs and pregnancy

thyroid levels and pregnancy loss

donor and cryo-preserved eggs appear to increase the risk of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

LNG-IUS more effective than COC in reducing menstrual bleeding in women with fibroids

antenatal depression: prevalence and risk factors in USA population

length of 1st. stage and maternal and neonatal outcomes

proton pump inhibitors appear safe in early pregnancy

smoke in pregnancy and see your child arrested?

TVS and MR comparable in the diagnosis of adenomyosis

paediatric gynae surgery particularly prone to foreign bodies being left behind

are AN steroids contra-indicated when there is chorio-amnionitis? BJOG article.

endometrial polyps and risk of cancer

fibroids and obstetric outcomes

E2 only HRT does not increase risk of lung cancer

400 v 800µg misoprostol after mifepristone for early TOP

experimental drug shows promise in early trials in CF

Placental Growth Factor: a possible marker for ectopic pregnancy

reproductive outcome after childhood cancer

mild analgesics a risk factor for cryptorchidism? 

ulipristal and fibroids

morbidity after obstetric anal sphincter injury repair in the UK

placenta accreta: statement by Society for feto-maternal medicine

factor V Leiden, VTE and pregnancy complications

BV diagnosis at 16-21 weeks not linked to early delivery

increased risk of adverse outcomes in non-preeclamptic second pregnancy after PET in the first pregnancy

impaired glucose tolerance short of formal GDM still linked to adverse outcomes

attempted suicide and suicidal thoughts in pregnancy in Karachi

breast-feeding does not cause more maternal sleep disturbance than artificail feeding

risk factors for SB in the USA

unplanned pregnancy and anorexia nervosa

Romiplostim: an effective new treatment for immune thrombocytopenia, but not yet evaluated in pregnancy

surgical safety checklist reduces complications and mortality

17-OH progesterone of no value in triplet pregnancy

can exercise reduce the risk of .endometrial.cancer?

prolonged 1st. stage linked to increased Cs and chorioamnionitis but not increased neonatal morbidity

Apgar score and cerebral palsy

neonatal jaundice and autism and other disorders of psychological development

antidepressants and pregnancy

AEDs and infertility

recombinant factor VII and thrombosis risk

PNMR and style of pregnancy care in the Netherlands

place of delivery and outcome: BMJ editorial

anti-depressants in pregnancy and IUGR

degree of cervical invasion as predictor of death in stage II endometrial cancer

fibroids and pregnancy outcome

pregnancy outcomes at advanced maternal age

does hyperemesis gravidarum have a hereditary component

pre-implantation aneuploidy screening may improve IVF success rates

prevalence of hyperprolactinaemia in newly-diagnosed hypothyroidism

training programme appears effective in reducing anal sphincter damage

HRT and breast cancer: more bad news from WHI

HRT and myocardial infarction

reassuring 2-year follow-up after in-utero exposure to fortnightly steroids

levonorgestrel IUS v. GnRH analogue after laparoscopic treatment of endometriosis

short cervical length linked to increased risk of APH in women with placenta  previa

polytherapy for epilepsy linked to reduced fertility

variation in C. section rates across Trusts

midwife training reduces perinatal mortality in a developing country

is appendicectomy during laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis worthwhile and safe?

UAE plus curettage for cervical pregnancy

three year follow-up after anterior colporrhaphy with and without mest

severity of pregnancy nausea and vomiting inversely linked to miscarriage risk

progesterone ineffective in prolonging pregnancy after PPROM in small study

is vitamin D a risk factor for bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy?

small study suggests women prefer surgical to medical TOP in the second trimester

low Apgar score and risk of cerebral palsy

fall in breast cancer incidence linked to reduced HRT use in Canada

new evidence possibly implicating angiotensin in the aetiology of PET

artemether-lumefantrine as 1st. line treatment for malalaria: effective and acceptable

artemether-lumefantrine evaluated for treatment of malaria in pregnancy: effective and seems safe

light drinking in pregnancy appears safe for progeny at 5 years

hormonal contraception and risk of endometrial cancer

Debendox (Benedictin) reborn as Dicletin: a real-life Phoenix

do we need separate gestation assessment charts for male and female fetuses?

IUGR linked to increased of febrile seizures

antibiotic prophylaxis for outpatient hysteroscopy?

 screening tool for substance use in pregnancy

short sleep duration linked to increased PET risk

Cs and PPH rates higher for women reaching the 2nd. stage after induced labour

ACOG backs CDC recommendation that pregnant women get 'flu vaccine 

9% of American adults are depressed according to the CDC

fetal anomaly risk in obese women: is it due to diabetes?

preop GnRH of no benefit for hysteroscopic removal of submucous fibroids

levonorgestrel intrauterine device + GnRH as Rx for atypical endometrial hyperplasia and carcinoma

lymphadenocetomy in early crvical cancer

overlap v. end-end repair for anal sphincter injury

risk factors for endometrial cancer < 40 yrs

trainees and laparoscopic management of ectopic pregnancy

formula to improve use of amniotic WBC counts is suspeccted amnionitis with "bloody taps"

FDA approved COC with folic acid

breast cancer incidence fell in Canada after WHI study published in 2002

efficacy of risk-reducing mastectomy and oophorectomy in BRCA1 and BRCA2

universal screening for 21-hydroxylase deficiency CAH advocated

metformin & type 2 diabetes in pregnancy

5 single nucleopeptide polymorphisms at locus 19p13 may determine which BRCA1 women are at high risk of breast cancer

lichen sclerosis of the vulva and moderate potency topical steroids

doxylamine and piridoxine effective for pregnancy nausea

calcium supplementation in pregnancy and dental caries in children at age 12

2nd. trimester blood test to predict later pre-eclampsia

galactogogues: safety and efficacy

betamethasone pharmokinetics, body weight and multiple gestation

technique for loop excision with IUCD in situ

persistent HPV predicts recurrence of CIN 2 & 3 after loop excision

"PhysiScore" effective in predicting morbidity in the preterm

 parental depression from child's birth to 12 years

Cochranel finds little evidence to support current treatments for early pregnancy nausea & vomiting

genetic factors in ovarian clear cell carcinoma

artificially sweetened drinks may increase risk of premature labour

smoking, protamine and potential effect on male fertility

cigarette smoking in early pregnancy may reduce potential fertility of offspring

intimate partner violence and maternal depression

COC and breast cancer risk

inhibin B, elevated LH and amenorrhoea

factors predicting hysterectomy and end organ damage in major PPH

is male hormonal contraception feasible?

usefulness of endocervical curettage at colposcopy

PAPP-A overview

women with CMV infection at increased risk of PET

failed VBAC increases risk to mother and baby in Nigeria

more obstetric intervention = more PPH

oral misoprostol v. i.v. oxytocin for labour augmentation

umbilical vein oxytocinon reduces PPH

oral bisphosphonates linked to increased oesophageal cancer risk

new system proposed for categorising stillbirth

universal screening for thyroid disease in pregnancy?

perinatal mortality less for very LBW and premature babes in tertiary centres

cerebral palsy increased with pre-T and post-T birth

universal screening for FNAIT may be feasible

short cervix in 3rd. trimester linked to increased risk of APH and pre-T delivery in women with placenta previa

daily text m essaging does not improve compliance in OC users

safety of acyclovir, valacyclovir and famciclovir in the first trimester

BMI and pregnancy outcomes in nullipara

oral hypoglycaemic drugs v. insulin in gestational DM

women's knowledge of and attitude to alcohol consumption in pregnancy

maternal depression and anxiety linked to low birthweight in Bangladesh

breastfeeding reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes

migraine with aura and CVS and other mortality risk

pre-operative GnRH treatment of no benefit in women having hysteroscopic removal of submucous fibroids

does abnormal uterine peristalsis contribute to infertility in women with intramural fibroids?

postmenopausal oestrogen and testosterone do no boost brain functioning

screening of all pregnancies for FNAIT advocated

psychological reaction to miscarriage by gender

neonates exposed to HIV in utero, but not infected are at high risk of group B streptococcal infection

antenatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides linked to ADHD

children with ADHD have higher levels of organophosphate pesticide metabolites in urine

oxytocin levels in new parents and parenting behaviour

smoking cessation < 16 weeks normalises IUGR and pre-term delivery rates

PCOSMIC Trial: no evidence of benefit in infertility of metformin over standard care

early puerperal DMPA not linked to PND

methamphetamine use identifies American women with multiple high risks and bad outcomes

forceps linked to levator damage

French menorrhagia guideline

satisfaction with hysterectomy, IUS and endometrial ablation

weight gain in pregnancy linked to increased birthweight

oral misoprostol as effective for labour augmentation as i.v. syntocinon

levonorgestrel IUS superior to oral MPA for menorrhagia

vaginal probiotic effective in recurrent bacterial vaginosis

pulmonary embolism & pregnancy

conservative management justified in simple ovarian cysts in the menopause

late pre-term birth linked to increased respiratory problems

metformin no help in infertility and PCOS?

eat chocolate, ladies!

maternal cigarettes and psychiatric illness in the offspring

is PET a risk factor for hearing loss?

thyroid peroxidase antibodies and abruption

HRT & breast cancer: Californian Teachers' Study

experience managing menopausal symptoms after breast cancer

osteoporosis management in the pre-menopausal

COC with drospirenone superior to one with desogestrel in PCOS

puerperal administration of DMPA does not alter incidence of PND

PID update - American

IPV, pregnancy trauma and risk of abruption

SB and NND rates increase after uterine and ovarian irradiation for childhood cancer

SSRIs and fetal cardiac defects

GTD review: Seckl in Lancet

ectopic pregnancy - why is it missed?

hospital policies can improve uptake of PM after SB

perinatal outcomes worse for non-spontaneous dichorionic twins

progesterone effective in prophylaxis of preterm labour regardless of gestation of previous preterm birth

fetal PR interval and obstetric cholestasis

maternal smoking and psychiatric illness in adolescent offspring

low-dose aspirin reduces the risk of PET in women at increased risk

pregnancy outcomes after miscarriage and interval to the next pregnancy

IOL doubles the risk of C. section

obstetric complications may increase risk of PND

ulipristal can delay follicular rupture

long-term follow-up reassuring in congenital toxoplasmosis

thrombophilia and unexplained infertility

managing PMB

laparoendoscopic single-site surgery (LESS) in gynaecology

UAE v hysterectomy: 5 year follow-up from EMMY trial

smoking doubles the risk of adverse neonatal outcomes in PET

psychological reaction to miscarriage in men and women

acupuncture ineffective for labour induction

mesh for prolapse repair: randomised trial

respiratory problems with late preterm birth

cardiac dysfunction in survivors of childhood cancer

anti-TPO antibodies triple abruption risk

ultrasound features prior to miscarriage and risk of aneuploidy

risk factors for postterm pregnancy and Cs after induction of labour

new VBAC guideline from the ACOG

home birth linked to tripling of the neonatal mortality rate

quadrivalent HPV vaccine effective at 4 years

obesity, preterm birth and IUGR

Mirena v. DMPA as long-term maintenance treatment for endometriosis

does IVF increase the risk of childhood cancer?

antidepressant use in pregnancy and ADHD in the offspring

comparison of simple and extended hysterectomy for stage 1 endometrial cancer

obese women more likely to have unplanned pregnancy

out-of-hours birth increases risk of anoxic neonatal death

teenagers at increased risk of preterm delivery in 1st. pregnancy and even more so with 2nd. pregnancy

weight loss helps hot flushes in overweight menopausal women

vasa previa: SOGC guideline

pre-operative check: might she be pregnant? National Patient Safety Recommendations

pre-eclampsia: Lancet review

is smoking a risk factor for endometriosis?

expert recommendations re Turner syndrome and egg donation

is contraceptive advice 100% objective or influenced by the woman's ethnicity and socio-economic status?

adverse intra-partum events and cerebral palsy

placental previa and IUGR

HPV and skin cancer

early puberty and psycho-social outcomes

ART and HIV transmission between heterosexual couples

VTE, tamoxifen and Factor V Leiden

up to 42% of low Apgar scores linked to substandard care in labour

PET and the super-obese

low PAPP-A linked to SGA and stillbirth risk

valproic acid and major congenital anomalies

in relation to the above, don't forget AED exposure and intellectual development in the child

early preterm delivery, even by a week or two, increases the risk of special educational needs

endometriosis: GP overview

weight gain in twin pregnancy and risk of adverse outcome

trends and risk factors in 3rd. and 4th. degree tears

end-to-end repair best for anal sphincter tears

endometrial thickness and cancer in women with PMB

prevalence of uterine cavity abnormalities in women planning IVF

age and menarche and early dysmenorrhoea and risk of endometriosis

rapid test for HSV in labour

single-layer closure at Cs doubles risk of uterine rupture

VBAC: < 18/12 interval between pregnancies increases uterine rupture risk

DMPA efficacy and the extremely obese

antibiotics v. lactobacilli for puerperal mastitis

early-onset PET in 1st. pregnancy as predictor of complications in normotensive second pregnancy

maternal exposure to mobile phone base stations not linked to childhood cancer

what should be the upper limit for TSH in the 1st. trimester?

ovarian failure rates after UAE and routine surgery for fibroids

nocturnal birth more hazardous for babies

enoxaparin for thromboprophylaxis during pregnancy in women with mechanical heart valves

HAART to reduce vertical transmission of HIV during breastfeeding in Botswana

comparison of maternal and infant antiviral therapy to prevent HIV transmission during breastfeeding in Malawi

levonorgestrel EC before and after ovulation

azithromycin v. penicillin G for early syphilis

transdermal v. oral HRT and stroke risk

heredity and pyloric stenosis

NGC guideline on screening for osteoporosis

is ectopic pregnancy more common after failed EC?

LMWH and UFH plus aspirin for recurrent miscarriage in aPS

local haemostatic treatment of bleeding due to placenta previa

significance of intracardiac echogenic focus in population screened for DS in the 1st. trimester

catamenial pneumothorax and endometriosis

implementation of 1st. trimester DS screening

value of removing endometrial polyps

BRCA screening in women with ovarian cancer - are we doing as well as we should?

antidepressants and miscarriage

antibody shows promise in ovarian cancer

sodium valproate monotherapy and congenital abnormalities

morbidity associated with planned hysterectomy for placenta accreta

do hCG levels predict outcome after methotrexate treatment of ectopic pregnancy?

should mild gestational diabetes be treated?

morbidity and mortality of obstetric hysterectomy

obstetric hysterectomy safer in busy units

twin tubal pregnancy

chlorhexidine wipes do not reduce maternal or neonatal morbidity and mortality

thyroid function testing and drug monitoring in pregnancy

DMPA & the very obese

metoclopramide v. promazine for hyperemesis gravidarum

first trimester bleeding and problems later in pregnancy

vitamin A needed for fetal lung development

cutaneous neonatal  lupus predicts increased risk of cardiac lupus in the next child

IVIG does not prevent SLE-linked neonatal heart block

ospemifene effective in vulvo-vaginal atrophy

OC of benefit after surgical excision of ovarian endometriomas

multiple marker assay for screening for ovarian cancer

is ovarian cancer screening any nearer?

paternal depression: pre and post-partum


PPH: oxytocin v. misoprostol

chance of unexpected serious uterine pathology at time of prolapse surgery

amniotic fluid embolism risk factors

four-phasic OC, Natazia, licensed in the USA. Already licensed as Qlaira in Europe.

epidural morphine v. parenteral opioids after Cs.

UV exposure in the 1st. trimester and MS risk if offspring

can hyperemesis be familial?

Implanon effective for teenage mothers

raloxifene and mortality from all causes

LNG EC only effective before ovulation

IPV as a predictor of chil

d abuse and later-life problems

HPV-linked cervical and vulval cancer may have different genetic variations

17-HP ineffective in women at risk of pre-term delivery

embolisation effective in obstetric haemorrhage

BV, inflammatory-response genes and premature delivery

International Association of Diabetes & Pregnancy Study Groups: recommendations on hyperglycaemia

metoclopramide v promethazine for hyperemesis gravidarum

first trimester bleeding_and_complications later in pregnancy and in the next pregnancy

neuro-development after pre-natal surgery for myelomeningocoele

simple ovarian cysts in older women

SPIN: LMWH and LDA in recurrent miscarriage

FDA warns of liver damage from PTU

BMI & accurate obesity measurement can be improved

bupropion & female libido: treatment of HSDD

tubal twin pregnancy treated with methotrexate

bleeding and patient satisfaction with replacement levonorgestrel IUSs

probiotics reduce NEC and mortality rates in premature babes

US Preventive Services Task Force recommends universal screening for syphilis in pregnancy

congenital syphilis rate increased in the USA

incontinence in pregnancy and the puerperium

HPV screening on self-collected specimens for women who don't attend for routine screening

fibroid shrinkage and aromatase inhibitors

DMPA-induced bone loss mostly reversible in adolescents

bariatric surgery and hypertensive disorders in pregnancy

TVS and endometrial evaluation in women on tamoxifen after breast cancer

aspirin use and breast cancer survival

analgesia use and postmenopausal oestrogen levels

migraine and COCs

behavioural therapy v. continence pessary for stress incontinence

HRT & CHD risk

does chlamydia screening work? BMJ editorial on the POPI trial

maternal and neonatal outcomes by place of birth in the USA

SEPAL study recommends pelvic & para-aortic lymphadenectomy for moderate & high-risk endometrial cancer

vitamin C & E do not improve outcomes in pregnancy hypertension

HART Study: comparison of HPV and cytology screening at 5 years

"rescue" steroids beneficial

microsurgery for tubal infertility still a valid option

the Norwich DEFAB risk assessment tool for endometrial cancer

predicted benefit of HPV vaccination in the UK

prognostic value of UA Doppler in early PET

adjustment to TOP for fetal abnormality

number of epidural top-ups linked to uterine rupture risk

insulin rarely needed for glycaemic control in GDM

vitamin D deficiency linked to pelvic floor disorder risk

"care bundles" reduce mortality rates in acute hospitals

potential fertility after chemotherapy for Hodgkin lymphoma

DVT: anatomic distribution in pregnancy

HRT & VTE risk

pregnancy after breast cancer

aspirin ineffective in recurrent miscarriage

MRI best for breast cancer screening in women from increased-risk families

perinatal mortality increased x 10 for triplets compared to singletons

RCGP study: OC does not increase mortality

long-term COC use reduces endometrioma recurrence after laparoscopic excision

reducing hospital MRSA infection rates

mifepristone reduces IMB in women using levonorgestrel IUS

CT use in assessing placental damage in acute trauma

macrosomia & outcomes

HPV vaccine and miscarriage risk

HPV vaccine may not be of much value in women > 25 years

hysterectomy for PPH

Committee opinion: MgSO4 for fetal neuro-protection in anticipated pre-T delivery

fertility-sparing surgery effective in stage 1A1 cervical cancer

home HPV testing effective in women reluctant to have routine Cx screening

take the Pill, live longer?

NIH statement on VBAC

frameless LNG-IUS: clinical experience

LEEP and pre-term birth risk

CBT can improve pregnancy outcomes in women with environmental smoke exposure

delivery of the second twin

conservative management of placenta accreta feasible, but at some maternal risk

labour, elective CS and transient tachypnoea of the newborn

ADPSGs' recommendations on the diagnosis and classification of diabetes in pregnancy

brachytherapy v. traditional external beam radio-therapy in endometrial cancer: PORTEC-2

accuracy of pathological diagnosis in women with atypical endometrial hyperplasia

obstructive sleep apnoea and pregnancy: prediction and effect on CTG

women with abnormal menstrual bleeding resistant to medical therapy: assessment with saline infusion sonohysterography

another report in favour of lymphadenectomy, even in early-stage endometrial cancer

sexual and reproductive health: lesbian and bi-sexual women

inherited thrombophilia and pregnancy outcome

diabetes rather than obesity linked to raised congenital anomaly risk in obese women

Dr conceives naturally after ovarian tissue transplant after chemotherapy

more on premature delivery

HPV testing preferred to follow-up smear after borderline report

osteoporosis treatment reduces mortality in those at high risk of fracture

HRT & CHD risk: is there ever a reduced risk? More from WHI

thermal balloon ablation v IUS for menorrhagia

hysterectomy or IUS for menorrhagia: long term urinary symptoms

intra-uterine exposure to anti-depressants may delay infant development

rapid weight gain in early pregnancy linked to increased risk of GDM

England's chlamydia screening programme slammed by MPs

contraction of polypropylene mesh: a nasty complication of vaginal prolapse surgery

excellent Lancet review of liver disease in pregnancy

conservative management of placenta accreta: subsequent fertility, recurrence risk and pregnancy outcomes

oestrogen and IUD do not prevent adhesions after hysteroscopic resection of uterine septa

treatments for early Cx cancer that conserve fertility

enlarged yolk sac linked to miscarriage and premature labour

time of treatment, morning or evening, may influence degree of bowel upset after radiotherapy for Cx cancer

plasma cell-free DNA and ovarian cancer prognosis

plasma fibrinogen levels and endometrial cancer prognosis

infection of immune women with new CMV strains a significant cause of neonatal damage

prophylactic mastectomy effective for BRCA mutation carriers

misoprostol for PPH in women given prophylactic oxytocinon for the 3rd. stage

misoprostol for PPH in women not exposed to oxytocinon

HPV screening useful in women with atypical glandular cells on smears

NAMS statement on osteoporosis management

reasons for hospital readmission

some antidepressants impair tamoxifen efficacy

paroxitene and tamoxifen efficacy

universal screening for thyroid disease in pregnancy

SERMS and the endometrium

internal tocodynamometry no better than external

higher birthweight increases risks in attempted VBAC

chemo-radiotherapy & cervical cancer: Cochrane Review

HPV types and cervical cancer in Scotland

MS and epilepsy: obstetric outcomes

childbirth and MS progression

breast feeding and risk factors for cardiovascular disease

should all Jewish women be screened for BRCA founder mutations?

SSRIs may increase mortality rate in women on tamoxifen after breast cancer

childhood cancer treatment increases later cardiovascular disease risk

HRT linked to increased asthma risk

maternal and fetal genes influence preterm delivery risk

maternal antenatal depression linked to teenage violence in offspring

placenta previa but not adverse perinatal outcome more common after IVF in Japan

paternal age, birthweight and height influence risk of SGA and premature delivery of offspring

treating periodontal disease does not reduce premature delivery rates

peptic ulcer disease linked to IUGR and premature delivery

IOL at T increases Cs rate

black cohosh and red clover do not relieve hot flushes, but are probably safe

menstrual blood loss at the menopause

how to stop HRT

91-day low-dose Pill

DHEA and the menopause

PCOS: diagnosis and investigation

hirsutism: anti-androgen treatments

hormonal emergency contraception: mechanisms of action

threatened miscarriage in 1st. trimester linked to adverse maternal and fetal outcomes

NAMS 2010 "position statement" on management of postmenopausal osteoporosis

neonatal urinary tract dilatation and uretero-vesical junction obstruction: European guideline

simple ovarian cysts in postmenopausal women

PCOS: ovarian diathermy v clomiphene + metformin; fertility outcomes

risk reduction model for BRCA1 & 2 carriers

does paracetamol reduce the risk of birth defect in 1st. trimester febrile illness?

HPV screening more effective than cytology in women > 35 years

internal uterine pressure monitoring no better than external

pregnancy outcome after inadvertent HPV vaccination: no evidence of added risk

anti-HIV treatment restricted to pregnancy may increase subsequent drug resistance

tibolone v. standard HRT: menopausal symptoms and sexual function

Cochrane review: NSAIDs more effective than paracetamol for 1ry dysmenorrhoea, but with more side-effects

Cochrane review: food & fluid intake in labour

Cochrane review: Doppler & high-risk pregnancy

benefit of pre-delivery diagnosis of placenta accreta

ulipristal (ellaOne), a selective progesterone modulator, effective as EC for up to 120 hours after UPSI

obesity and pregestational diabetes as causative factors in the rise in congenital malformation in the USA

high soya intake may reduce risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer

high soya intake safe and maybe beneficial after breast cancer

glyburide v metformin in gestational diabetes

women's expectations for pregnancy management after previous unexplained stillbirth

most women find OP hysteroscopy acceptable

risk factors for persistent GTD

adnexal torsion

cytomegalovirus reinfection in pregnancy

SIGN guideline: management of genital chlamydia

American Urological Association guideline on stress incontinence

most atypical squamous cervical cells regress within 2 years in HPV negative women

chemoradiotherapy and cervical cancer: Cochrane review

no evidence of benefit from restriction of food and fluid in labour: Cochrane review

sublingual misoprostol effective for 1st. trimester TOP

management of hot flushes in women with breast cancer

survival to 2o years of babies born with congenital abnormality

maternal & fetal outcomes after anti-depressant use in pregnancy

umbilical vein oxytocin ineffective for retained placenta: Release study

WHO advises Cs should only be done on medical grounds

repeat chlamydia infections in young women in a screening programme in the USA

bazedoxifene: a new SERM

women's ideas of what is prematurity

HPV vaccine appears safe in pregnancy

misoprostol as effective in PPH in women who have had routine third-stage oxytocin

misoprostol effective in PPH in women who have not had third-stage oxytocin  

severity of H1N1 'flu and pregnancy

post-op infection rates can be halved in nasal carriers of staphylococcus aureus

chlorhexidine-alcohol superior to povidone-iodine as skin prep

mode of delivery & haemophilia

Lynch type II families and gynaecological cancer

PIGD effective for carriers of translocations who have history of recurrent miscarriage

management of ovarian cancer in pregnancy

accuracy of estimation of obstetric haemorrhage improved by training

LUS thickness after elective LSCS and LSCS in labour

herbal product use before and in early pregnancy in the USA

airbags reduce maternal injury with no apparent increase in pregnancy problems

amniocentesis technique using vacuum tubes rather than syringes

black cohosh and red clover ineffective for menopausal symptoms

MEPREP: a new FDA programme to analyse risk of drugs in pregnancy

biomarkers and ovarian cancer screening 

high-dose inhaled steroids for asthma in 1st. trimester and risk of fetal anomaly

AEDs and cognition in the offspring

thrombophilia polymorphisms and pregnancy complications

prothrombin gene G20210A and pregnancy complications

placenta accreta: effect of pre-labour diagnosis

sleep disturbance and pregnancy

airbag activation and pregnancy outcome

1st. trimester paracetamol and birth defects

bacterial vaginosis organisms and preterm labour

magnesium sulphate and obstetric practice

depth of excision at LEEP cone biopsy and risk of premature delivery

psychological response to miscarriage of pregnancies conceived with ART in infertile women

OHSS and livebirth rates after IVF in women with PCO and PCOS

neural pathway activation in physical pain and grief after TOP for fetal abnormality

maternal low-dose aspirin safe for pre-term babies

low T4 linked to increased risk of abnormal fetal position and assisted delivery

progesterone protective of brain cells after head injury?

singletons born after PGD / PGS not at increased risk for abnormality or death

trunk bending at 34 weeks at work increases PTB risk

maternal mortality & morbidity in Jehovah's witnesses

swine flu: drug therapy safety in pregnancy and lactation

rosiglitazone v. ovarian drilling in clomiphene resistant PCOS

BRCA1 mutations & ovarian insufficiency

significant absorption of oestradiol occurs with local vaginal use

stellate ganglion block & hot flushes in breast cancer patients

cystic fibrosis carrier screening linked to reduced CF incidence in neonates

does tamoxifen improve survival for lung cancer patients

COC helpful after conservative surgery for endometriosis

MRI detects most cases of placenta accreta

birth defects more common with ART

bisphosphonates may reduce breast cancer risk

stem cell transplantation offers hope in adults with severe sickle cell disease

neonatal screening for severe T-cell lymphopenia: will this become routine?

"back to sleep" figures in USA did not improve from 2003 - 2007

low early pregnancy folate levels may restrict fetal brain development

neonatal seizures are independent predictors of poor neurodevelopment

levonorgestrel IUS and endometrial protection for women on tamoxifen

propiverine effective for urgency symptoms

routine membrane sweep does not produce significant clinical benefit: discuss and criticise this statement

cervical cerclage reduces perinatal mortality for some women at high risk of premature delivery

urodynamic studies useful before prolapse surgery

aspirin and heparin of no benefit in unexplained recurrent miscarriage

dagibatran as good as warfarin in acute VTE

conservative management of placenta previa and accreta

emergency hysterectomy in obstetrics: trends and risk factors

consecutive levonorgestrel IUS use effective and not linked to significant bleeding

factors influencing survival of extremely premature babies

pre-natal air pollution linked to reduced childhood IQ

FDA updates warning on fetal risks of antiepileptic drugs

perinatal mortality higher in type II diabetes than type I

CT patients getting unnecessary exposure to radiation in the USA

mortality reduced by radical surgery cf radiotherapy for early cervical cancer: tumour < 6 cm.

prolonged 1st. stage after IOL increases risk of Cs and maternal and neonatal complications

longer duration of lactation reduces metabolic syndrome risk, particularly for women with GDM

middle-aged women have DVT risk increased by up to 70 times and persisting for up to 1 year after surgery

raloxifene improves verbal memory in aged women

MRI effective in diagnosing placenta accreta

HPV vaccine effective at 6 years

surgical death rates may be mainly about early recognition and management of complications, other things being equal

laparoscopy appears comparable to laparotomy for surgical management / staging of endometrial cancer

oestrogen + progestogen HRT and risk of endometrial cancer

cancer mortality declines in Europe

prevalence of Downs syndrome rose in USA from 1979 to 2003

impaired glucose tolerance in pregnancy increases risk of metabolic syndrome

hypospadias risk linked to maternal exposure to insect repellents

new WHO guidelines for HIV and pregnancy

 new WHO guidelines for HIV and infant-feeding

early TOP works in primary care in the USA

HPV screening for cervical cancer may be cost-effective

LMWH an alternative to warfarin for pregnancy + mechanical heart valves, but not perfect

high LH and low FSH levels linked to success in IVF

embryonic chromosome instability: an explanation for the low success rate of PGS?

deslenafaxine effective for hot flushes

high triglycerides linked to increased risk of PET and GDM

IMS consensus statement: "Aging, menopause, cardio-vascular disease and HRT"

Pfizer hit for $103 million in two HRT / breast cancer cases

does pregnancy slow long-term progression of MS?

ICNARC: admissions to intensive care: worth reading the introduction on pages 3 & 4.

AAGPI guideline on cell salvage in obstetrics

continuous levonorgestrel + ethinyloestradiol as effective as cyclical but suppresses menstrual loss for many

rivaroxaban: new oral anti-Xa anticoagulant

rivaroxaban, pregnancy & lactation

dynamic MRI & prolapse

CT limitations in diagnosing PE

ellaOne: newly licensed selective progesterone receptor modulator (SPRM) for emergency contraception

enoxaparin better than warfarin in pregnant women with mechanical heart valves

do some routine labour drugs adversely affect breast-feeding rates?

AMH best predicts excessive and inadequate response to gonadotrophin therapy

metformin fails to reduce miscarriage risk in PCOS

evidence in favour of HRT for younger women

nicotine replacement appears effective and safe in pregnancy

nicotine replacement and pregnancy

smoking and maternal health

prolonged 2nd. stage worse for mothers than babies

prolonged 2nd. stage gives OR of 3.35 for PPH - be prepared

puerperal haemostatic changes "HIP" study

unrepaired ASDs linked to increased PET rate and adverse neonatal outcomes

postnatal vertical transmission of HIV, breast-feeding and HAART

USA doctors aggressive in managing rising Ca125 levels in those at risk of Ca125 (not BRCA) but to limited benefit

cost-effectiveness of BRCA screening in ovarian cancer patients

pregnancy outcomes in women with MS

pre-eclampsia & subsequent hypothyroidism

levonorgestrel IUS effective for menorrhagia & reducing fibroid size in women with fibroids

Listeria risk may be higher than previously thought

FDA licenses tranexamic acid for menorrhagia, but warns re increased VTE risk, especially with OC

high post-menopausal testosterone levels linked to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and MI risk

recurrence risk of severe PET in singleton pregnancy may be only 6.8%: much lower than previously thought

doctors willing to detail their errors

maternal smoking has multiple neurodevelopmental hazards for the offspring

maternal anxiety linked to shorter pregnancy duration and smaller babes

ACOG Committee Opinion No 444: vaginal hysterectomy best method for benign conditions

preconception folic acid supplementation for at least 1 year reduces premature birth by 70%

has vaginal danazol a place in the treatment of menorrhagia?

anti-phospholipid antibodies & risk of MI & stroke: RATIO study

WHO report on contraception in women with VTE & anticoagulant therapy

are antibiotics of benefit in pre-labour elective Caesarean section?

PTSD & pregnancy

placenta previa: is 11 mm os-to-placental-edge distance to be the new cut-off for elective Caesarean section?

simvastatin beats metformin in improving lipid profile in PCOS

abnormal maternal thyroid function and brain development in their children 

osteoporosis linked to increased thrombo-embolism risk 

bisphosphonates, raloxifene and VTE 

PLD effective & safe in recurrent ovarian cancer 

beta-hCG on day 14 useful predictor of miscarriage risk after single blastocyst transfer 

contraception after hormone-sensitive cancer

hysterectomy v. Mirena for abdominal & back pain in women with menorrhagia 

triphasic OCs 

antidepressants & hot flushes 

scrutiny of electronic medical records may enable early detection of domestic violence

metformin may be better than insulin for GDM

HPV vaccine may reduce progression risk in VIN

oral contraceptive use does not add to breast cancer risk in women with a family history of the disease

cooling neonates protects against hypoxic brain damage

microscopic evidence of necrosis may herald unexpectedly bad prognosis in endometrial cancer

infant mortality in USA higher than most of Europe, but mainly due to high % of premature births

education & support promote initiation & continuance of breast-feeding in premature babes

1st. trimester antibiotic use and birth defects

serial membrane-sweeping unhelpful in planned VBAC

medical TOP has 4 times more complications in the early weeks than surgical

BRCA1 linked to reduced ovarian reserve and subfertility

lying still in the supine position for 15 minutes after artificial insemination may improve success rates

FDA approves Gardasil for prevention of genital warts in males

chlorhexidine vaginal and neonatal body wipes do not prevent vertical transmission of infection

obesity and failure rates for regional anaesthesia for Caesarean section

liquid-based cervical cytology no better than old fashioned smears

harmful consequences of treatment in RCTs may be under-reported even in august journals

US children may be getting sub-optimal vitamin D

Down's syndrome: antenatal diagnoses and live births 1989 - 200 8. National DS Cytogenic Register

COC failure rates

parvovirus a rare cause of fetal death

Cochrane endorses TOT & TVT

soy supplements reduce rate of whole body bone loss, but not loss at key fracture sites

monthly, one-day courses of itraconazole effective in recurrent thrush

breast tenderness on starting HRT linked to increased breast cancer risk

postmenopausal exercise reduces breast cancer risk

maternal smoking & alcohol use in pregnancy linked to psychotic symptoms in adolescent offspring

HRT & lung cancer death risk

SERMS & tibolone reduce breast cancer risk but increase other risks

restless genital syndrome: possible explanation

mifepristone shrinks fibroids and reduces associated blood loss

non-invasive retrieval of trophoblastic cells from cervical canal

maternal and fetal complications greatly increased in women > 40 with MP after ovum donation

hairdressers at increased risk of POF

HRT use increases the risk of ovarian cancer

magazines often depict unsafe sleeping positions for babies and may mislead mothers about safe practice

folate antagonists significantly increase rates of fetal abnormality, especially NTD and CVS defects

placental site tumour prognosis worsens with late presentation

complications increase with inadequate sleep, not  long working hours

SIDS linked to co-sleeping and parental alcohol and drug use

incidence of retinopathy of the prematurity linked to the degree of prematurity

treatment of GDM beneficial

method of managing early miscarriage has no effect on future fertility (MIST) trial

longer treatment of severe PMS with sertraline may be better

ART twins at increased risk of prematurity, LBW and perinatal death

breast feeding may reduce breast cancer risk in women with high-risk family histories

survival to 12 months of extremely premature babies in Sweden, 2004 - 2007

fresh and frozen embryos give similar outcomes for the fetus & neonate

bovine lactoferrin reduces infection rates in premature babies

SSRIs linked to prematurity, reduced Apgar scores and increased NIC unit admission

no improvement in survival rates of extremely premature babies in a decade

pregnancy outcomes good for women who have survived childhood cancer

obesity & congenital abnormality

    paper from 2009

   useful paper from 2003

occupation and poor semen quality

contraceptive patch highly effective but ? slightly less so than COC

regular exercise in pregnancy reduces risk of excessive birth weight

anaesthesia for C. section not linked to incidence of learning disability

survival after ovarian cancer and not just risk of getting the disease is influenced by age at menarche and number of ovulatory cycles

induced hypothermia improves neurological outcomes in asphyxial encephalopathy, but not PNMR or severe neurological damage

treatment of mild GDM reduces pregnancy and labour complications, but not PNMR or serious neonatal events

short-term, sub-cutaneous heparin produces skin lesions in 7.5% of recipients

should all neonates have bilirubin screening?

RCOG comment on BJOG paper on TOP & pregnancy outcome

antenatal exposure to PCE increases birth defect rate by up to 50%, especially NTD and clefts

OC and smoking hugely increase risk of stroke and MI in women with anti-phospholipid syndrome

pregnancy after renal transplantation does not adversely affect graft function or maternal survival at 15 years

operative delivery increases risk of intervention in subsequent deliveries

high fasting blood sugar levels in 1st. trimester predict adverse outcomes, including GDM

anti-epilepsy drugs cause adverse pregnancy outcomes, not epilepsy itself

SSRIs linked to congenital heart septal defects

DMPA linked to increased # risk

single treatment of periodontal disease in pregnancy did not affect pregnancy outcomes

FDA has licensed a new test using transthyretin, apolipoprotein A1, β2-microglobulin, transferrin, and the CA-125 to help distinguish between benign & malignant pelvic tumours.  

Bilateral oophorectomy linked to doubling of lung cancer risk.

Two papers confirm the efficacy of vaginal oestrogen in relief of local menopausal symptoms.

      paper 1 and paper 2.

Dental care does not impact on risk of premature labour.

Don't be silly - prescribe Psyllium, not bran for IBS.

Is LUNA only for lunatics?

Treatment of Bell's palsy.

Is it time to shut maternity units? Home birth has lower perinatal mortality risk than hospital birth.

Dabigatran (Pradaxa©) - an exciting new oral anticoagulant.

Can the administration of MgSO4 to mothers reduce cerebral palsy in premature babies?

Low birth weight linked to reduced bone density in adulthood.

Number of ovulatory cycles and age at menarche may influence survival with ovarian cancer.

FDA approves "Adiana"; a new, permanent, tubal contraceptive.

Single embryo transfer more effective and cheaper than double embryo transfer.

Increased risk of prem. delivery, SGA and LBW in pregnant women with epilepsy who have seizures in pregnancy.

Proteinuria is a moderate predictor of SB in PET, but not of other maternal and fetal outcomes.

Sensational new outpatient test for endometriosis.

Sexual abuse linked to somatic disorder complaints throughout life.

Placental corticotropin-releasing hormone as a possible trigger for labour.

Gestational diabetes increases lifetime risk of type II diabetes seven-fold.

HPV vaccine has similar risks of adverse incidents compared to other vaccines, data from USA.

HPV vaccine risks: data from the UK: (MHRA).

Only ~ 70% of girls are accepting HPV vaccination.

Should we advocate HPV vaccine or not?

Elective induction at 41 weeks may reduce C. section rates and meconium staining.

Important recent stuff on contraception:

    Oral contraception & VTE risk: BMJ editorial.

    Not all women are on the safest Pill: outcomes of the MEGA study.

    Hormonal contraception & VTE risk.

    Contraception: good BMJ update / overview.

Air travel triples VTE risk and the risk increases by 18% for each additional 2 hours in the air.

Nucleic acid amplification tests adequate for STD screening of children who may have been sexually abused.

Hormone contraception (Depot or Pill) accelerates progression of HIV disease.

ART twins at increased risk of IUGR, premature birth and perinatal death.

Scottish perinatal mortality due to intrapartum hypoxia declined by 40% from 1988 to 2007.

Mediterranean diet and exercise help prevent brain decline with age.

Denosumab: new monoclonal antibody reduces osteoclast activity and is effective in osteoporosis.

The online BMJ of 6th. August 2009 has articles on cervical screening and treatment:

        effectiveness of screening for different age groups,

        risk of cancer or pre-cancer developing over 3 years in women with persistent HPV,

        comparison of the effectiveness of cytological follow-up and immediate colposcopy,

        "see and treat" versus selective recall and treatment,

        cost-effectiveness of the management options for low-grade cervical smear abnormalities,

        editorial on the management of low-grade and borderline cervical abnormalities.       

PET & gestational hypertension linked to hypertension, type II diabetes and thromboembolism risk in later life.

Early surgical menopause doubles the risk of ling cancer.

Psychological distress plus poverty increase teenage pregnancy rates in US study

H1N1 flu particularly severe in pregnant women: Lancet article - American data from CDC.

Latest WHI analysis does not support "early window of opportunity" theory for HRT.

Low SHBG levels linked to increased risk of type II diabetes in women and men.

Induce labour at 37/52 in mild PET and PIH to reduce maternal morbidity. The HYPITAT trial.

Domestic violence: screening may not always benefit those affected.

Prolonged 2nd. stage: the longer it gets, the greater the maternal and fetal risk.

Home delivery safe in low-risk women.

Wyeth used professional ghost-writers to promote HRT in supposedly objective academic papers.


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