OSCE station. Urodynamics.

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I don't think this station has yet featured in the exam.

It could be a station with an examiner, or one with role-player and examiner.

As an examiner I would favour just having the examiner.

Then the candidate could be asked to point out the features of the print-out.

And to explain what they mean.

Whereas with a roleplayer, they would just explain what it means without any technical details.

Either way, I would guess that you would be given a batch of symptoms.

Then you would be asked what investigations you would arrange.

With the role-player, the examiner would tell you the results.

And hand you the urodynamics print-out.


Candidate's Instructions.

A patient presents with a history of frequency and urgency of micturition and some urge incontinence.

Discuss the management with the examiner.

Equally it could be a role-player, in which case it would be:

    take an appropriate history,

    explain the investigations you would arrange,

    discuss the results of the investigations with the patient - these will be given by the examiner on request.


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