7. Emergency Contraception.


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EC.          Emergency contraception.

FFP.        Faculty of Family Planning.

LNG.        Levonorgestrel.

IUCD.       Intra-uterine contraceptive device.

UPSI.       Unprotected sexual intercourse.


a. PC4 should be given as one tablet, repeated after 12 hours  
b. oral LNG should be given in a dose of  0.75mg. and repeated after 12 hours  
c. ~ 1% of women vomit after taking oral LNG for EC  
d. oral LNG works mainly by making cervical mucus hostile to sperm transport  
e. LNG is licensed for use for up to 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse  
f. A woman using liver enzyme inducing drugs should double the 1.5 mg. dose of LNG  
g. Evidence exists that LNG has an effect as EC up to 120 hours  
h. LNG EC may be given more than once in the same cycle  
i. EC should not be supplied before unprotected intercourse in anticipation of possible need  
j. the copper IUCD is the most effective method of EC  
k. the copper IUCD works mainly by preventing implantation  
l. antibiotics should be prescribed at the time of insertion of a copper IUCD for EC  
m. the progesterone loaded IUCD may be used  
n. women should be advised to have a pregnancy test after EC if the next period is lighter than usual or more than seven days late  
o. EC may be given to girls under 16 without parental consent if they are “Fraser Ruling Competent”  
p. “Patient Group Directions” are signs on health premises pointing women to the Family Planning Clinic to prevent the embarrassment of them inadvertently ending up in the Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic  



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