3. Placenta previa:


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a. is associated with 'accidental' haemorrhage  
b. is graded I - V  
c. the placenta is found to be low on routine second trimester scan in about 10% of pregnancies  
d. most 'low' placentas on the 20 week scan are due to placenta previa  
e. is more common in multiparous patients  
f. is more common in patients who have had uterine surgery.  
g. is grounds for classical Caesarean section  
h. increases the risk of postpartum haemorrhage  
i. is grounds for immediate hospital admission.  
k. is associated with a doubling of the risk of fetal abnormality.  
l. mostly needs Caesarean section if the placental edge is within 2cm of the os.  



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