OSCE station. Gynaecological history.

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This bit of the website is new.

I hope to get it completed soon.

But at least it gives you something to go on.

This might be two stations.

The first a preparatory station with the role-player.

Then a station at which you will present the history to the examiner.

And probably be asked to explain to the role-player what investigations you propose.

But it is more likely to be just one station.

You will be asked to take a history and present it to the examiner.

Or, if the history is more complicated, just to take a history.

The examiner will score you on the facts you obtain.


Key elements of the history.

  1. introduce yourself
  2. check her name and age
  3. the presenting complaint
  4.     what is the complaint / complaints
  5.     duration
  6.     severity
  7.     factors that exacerbate or alleviate
  8.     related symptoms
  9.     her model of the problem
  10.     her fears about the problem
  11. any other problems or concerns
  12.     treatments already tried
  13.         from her doctor(s)
  14.         from other sources
  15. could there be a "hidden agenda"?
  16. current general health
  17.     medical
  18.     psychological
  19. previous health
  20.     obstetric
  21.     gynaecological   
  22.     medical
  23.     surgical
  24.     anaesthetic
  25.     psychological
  26. drug history
  27. menstrual history
  28. sexual history
  29. contraceptive history
  30. smear history
  31. family history
  32. social history
  33. partner's medical & family history


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