7. Twin Pregnancy.


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a. has increased in incidence in recent decades.  
b. has a perinatal mortality rate >5 times that of singleton pregnancy.  
c. is most common as a natural event in West Africa .  
d. is associated with hyperemesis.  
e. is suitable for biochemical screening for Down’s syndrome.  
f. is usually dizygous.  
g. is more common with increasing maternal age.  
h. is associated with an increased risk of congenital malformation.  
i. should be managed in hospital from 28 weeks  
j. prophylactic tocolytic drugs are of proven value.  
k. steroids are of proven value.  
l. Llamas are important in evaluation of risk in twin pregnancy.  
m. fetal abnormality rates are increased in multiple pregnancy.  
n monozygous twins only occur after assisted reproduction.  
o monochorionic, monoamniotic twins carry the highest risk of fetal loss and damage.  
p monochorionic twins are at risk of twin-twin transfusion.  
q. the “stuck-up” twin is a feature of in-breeding in the upper echelons of society and particularly common with monochorionic twins.  
r. monoamniotic twins are at risk of lethal cord entanglement.  
s. when fetal death occurs, the survivor of monochorionic twins is at more risk than the dichorionic equivalent.  
t. twins should be scanned in the 3rd. trimester to look for growth retardation.  



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