43.     Iron & pregnancy.



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iron requirements in singleton pregnancy increase from about 2.5 mg. per day in the first trimester to about 6.5 mg. per day in the third trimester.

b. > 90% of anaemia in pregnancy is of the iron deficiency type.  
c. ferritin levels are the most accurate measure of iron deficiency.  
d. ~ 40% of pregnant women will have side-effects on oral iron.  
e. side effects or oral iron vary according to the particular salt used.  
f. vitamin C enhances absorption of iron.  
g. intramuscular preparations of iron exist.  
h. intravenous preparations of iron no longer exist since the withdrawal of iron dextran preparations due to the risk of anaphylaxis.  
i. ferrous salts are better absorbed than ferric salts.  
j. erythropoietin has been used in extreme cases and is not contraindicated in pregnancy.  



(See also MCQ2, question 26 & MCQ7, question 22.)



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