20.     Chlamydia trachomatis.  

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MCQ Paper 1

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a. is the commonest sexually transmitted organism in the UK  
b. is a gram negative intracellular diplococcus  
c. is one of the commonest causes of pelvic inflammatory disease  
d. is grown on blood agar  
e. may cause the Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome  
f. responds to tetracycline  
g. is best identified on a high vaginal swab  
h. is the major cause of blindness world-wide  
i. may cause neonatal conjunctivitis  
j. may cause neonatal pneumonia  
k. most infected women are symptomatic in pregnancy  
l. causes premature labour  
m. pyuria with no organism grown on culture of MSSU is highly suggestive.  



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