13.     With regard to endometrial carcinoma.  

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a. simple hyperplasia carries little malignant potential  
b. complex hyperplasia carries < 5% risk of progressing to malignancy  
c. atypical hyperplasia carries about a 25% risk of progressing to malignancy  
d. usually presents with postmenopausal bleeding  
e. fractional curettage helps with staging  
f. extension to the cervix worsens the prognosis  
g. the combined oral contraceptive reduces the risk of the disease  
h. the risk increases with increasing parity  
i. the risk increases with early menarche/ late menopause  
j. polycystic ovary syndrome reduces the risk  
k. obesity and hypertension are relative risk factors  
l. diabetes is a risk factor  
m. has been described in association with granulosa and theca cell tumours  
n. Tamoxifen is a risk factor.  
o. HNPCC is a risk factor.  
p. secondary spread may be to the inguinal lymphatics  
q. treatment of early disease is best done by Wertheim’s hysterectomy  
r. intracavity radiotherapy is effective in most cases  



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