12.     Beta-HCG in early pregnancy.  

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a. output  doubles every 1.5 - 3 days in early pregnancy  
b. tests may detect LH due to the shared alpha chain  
c. levels  which rise less than 50% in 48 hours at 6 weeks may indicate ectopic pregnancy  
d. levels > 8,000 i.u./l with no scan evidence of an intrauterine pregnancy strongly suggest ectopic pregnancy  
e. levels < 1,000 i.u./l. at 8 weeks suggest ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy failure  
f. production peaks at 20 weeks  
g. levels are below normal in hydatidiform mole  
h. levels are increased in multiple pregnancy  
i. modern pregnancy tests will always detect a healthy pregnancy by the day the next period is due  
j. modern pregnancy tests may become negative after 20 weeks  



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