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It is a bit odd that you can sit a postgraduate exam in O&G without any postgraduate experience.

The new regulation permitting this only came in recently.


8 of the doctors on our autumn 2008 course had no O&G experience.

7 passed.

I had anticipated a pass rate < 50%, so I was astounded.

They were given the following advice.

I am not sure how much of it they adopted.


If you haven't done a job, I think you would be wise to attend a dozen or so gynae clinics.

Ideally you should see patients, take their histories and then present them to the consultant.

You should examine those who need to be examined, initially with the consultant present.

Then you should discuss investigation and management with the consultant.

It would also be worth attending a few antenatal clinics to learn the routines.

A few days spent on the labour ward would familiarise you with routines, protocols etc.

I would regard this as sensible minimum preparation to improve your chances of passing the exam.

If you can attend a few colposcopy clinics, theatre sessions etc., so much the better.

Find out if there is an active teaching programme in the department.


If you are female, you are going to be inundated with patients with gynae problems or seeking advice on contraception.

So you need to develop your skills in these areas.

Attending some gynae clinics will be of value in this regard.

Going on a family planning course will help enormously with this and the DRCOG exam.

You can find advice about family planning courses here.


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