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NW Part 3 Course 

Drs. Lamiya Mohiyiddeen and Tom McFarlane will be running this course on Saturday 5th. October 2019.

Dr. Mohiyiddeen is a Part 3 examiner and Dr. McFarlane used to be an examiner.

The number of places on the course will be limited, so it makes sense to book early.



                 St. Mary's Hospital, Oxford Road, Manchester. M13 9WL.


                 Saturday 5th. October 2019.

The aim is to allow enough time for those attending to correct problems before the exam on 4th. - 7th. November 2019.

Sunday 6th. October 2019.

All being well, I will run an all-day tutorial on Sunday 24th. March.

We will discuss the stations and appropriate techniques.

I'll be happy to discuss stations from other courses that people found problematic.

Most courses don't have time for this but most people found it useful on previous courses.

We will start at 10.30 and usually finish by 16.00, but you can obviously arrive and leave at the times that suit you.

I don't charge for this session, so those who come get a 2-day course for the price of one! 


The plan for the Saturday is as follows - I'll update this information if things change.

There will be an introductory session in the morning.

This will detail the anatomy of the exam and what you need to know about the types of stations.

We will discuss how the stations are marked and what you need to keep in mind to maximise your score.

We will spend a couple of hours doing practice stations to illustrate key points.

The afternoon will feature a full circuit.

Each attendee will go round on their own and have to tackle all the stations.

(Some courses have you go round in pairs; active at half but just an observer at half.

Be careful before you book a course to know its exact composition.)

You will get your scores and examiners' comments for each station.



The costs will be kept to a minimum to keep the price as low as possible.

Dr. Lamiya is working on the final costings and it looks as though the price will be ~ 400 pounds.

This will be on her website where you book.



Book online using Dr. Lamiya's website see below.

Dr. Lamiya's website:        

Getting to St. Mary':

There is advice on the hospital website.

Accommodation :

There are lots of hotels close enough to St. Mary's.

The nearest I could find is Travelodge, Upper Brook Street, Manchester.

Some people swear by on-line resources such as Airbnb.

But such resources might not be best if you have not used them before and are coming to Manchester for the first time.

There are also sites such as Expedia and Trivago that claim to offer best prices.


There are a couple of large, multi-storey car parks on the St. Mary's / MRI site

There should be plenty of available spaces at a weekend.


Advice about choosing a course:

There is advice about this on this website.

In general it makes sense to look at the courses that are nearest you.

You might be able to live at home and avoid hotel bills.

But, as noted above, make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money.


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