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Going on a Part 2 course.


Most people find it useful to attend a course.

The course should give you exposure to mock exams, done under exam conditions, with good feedback.

It should also cover topics such as oncology, paediatric gynaecology and urogynaevology that most people have no experience with


If you live in the Manchester area, you are welcome to attend my twice-weekly tutorials.

Even if you are only in the area on a short term visit, we will be pleased to see you.

There is no charge for the tutorials.

If you do not live in the Manchester area, you can download the podcasts from Dropbox or listen via Skype.


Choosing a course.

There is a huge array of courses.

It makes sense to check out the nearest ones first - you might be able to attend without hotel costs.

Have a careful look at the programme to make sure the course suits you.

How many mock exams are there?

What are the arrangements for feedback?

What lectures are to be given?

If you live in the NW, it would also make sense to check out the North West MRCOG Course first.

As I write the above link takes you to the programme for the course in November 2018 - this will be updated when as we get details of when lecturers are available.

It is a five-day course with 3 mock exams.

Have a look at the programme.

Lamiya Mohiyiddeen, who runs it, puts in a prodigious amount of effort and it shows.

I help with the course, so must declare an interest.

If you come to this course, you are also welcome to attend my tutorials while you are in Manchester.


You can find other courses via Google on the Internet.

They are also listed on the College web page: MRCOG Revision Courses .

The College has two separate lists: its own courses and those run by other organisations.

You have to use the filters in the right hand box to be sure you see all of them.

A listing on the College web page is not a College seal of approval.

The College just lists any course for which it is paid.

So, if you are disappointed by the course you attend, don't blame the College!

I can't vouch for their quality apart from the ones run by the College itself - they are the only ones I have taught on.

The feedback I get about the others is that they range from OK to excellent.

I haven't heard of any really bad ones.

Some, such as Whipps Cross have excellent reputations stretching back for decades.

Ask your colleagues.

The RCOG's own courses are very popular.

I used to teach on these and they were well organised and "fit for purpose", as the jargon has it.

The popularity of the College courses is reflected in the fact that they are fully-booked months in advance.

If you want to attend, book early.


The College now takes its courses to other countries.

You may find one that is a lot easier for you than coming to the College itself.

You will be able to find details, as they emerge, on the MRCOG Revision Courses web page.

The College announced an Enhanced Revision Programme to run in various countries a few years ago.

It looked very interesting but I can not find any mention of it now on the website, so it may have died.


There are other overseas courses already established.

Some are on the MRCOG Revision Courses section of the RCOG website.

You should be able to find others by "Googling" "MRCOG course + the country you want".

They ought to be of a similar standard to the UK courses.

Most, if not all, have UK Members and Fellows on their faculties.

This should help ensure that they keep abreast of changes in the UK.

However, with the abundance of talent available locally in most countries, they should eventually be self-reliant.

They will have two main advantages:

    the cost of attending them will be a fraction of the costs of coming to a UK course,

    the organisers will have particular knowledge of the differences between practice in the region and the UK.

Most courses in the UK don't focus on the needs of the doctor who has not worked in the UK.

Overseas courses will be able to do so with special insight.

Like all courses, the best thing will be to find someone who has attended and get their opinion.


There are on-line courses.

I do not get much comment about them so can not offer advice about which are useful.


Most of the UK courses are very expensive.

Despite this, they are not sufficient to get you through the exam on their own.

You need to do a load of other preparation.

If you are not prepared to do this, don't waste your money on a course or applying for the exam!


If you go on a course, let me know what you thought of it so I can advise others.


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